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Liebherr and Damen Shipyard Group celebrate the 110th Liebherr Crane Order

• The order of another floating crane manifests a long-lasting partnership dating from 1985

• Liebherr CBG 350 is the 6th ship crane order during the last 5 years

• Transshipment barge is built by Damen for grain handling in the Black Sea

Rostock (Germany), March 2017 – Liebherr´s ship crane department is proud to announce that Damen Shipyards Group ordered its 110th Liebherr crane product. The historical order comprises a Liebherr floating crane type CBG 350 that is going to be used on a Transshipment Crane Barge 6324 built by Damen.

The partnership between Liebherr and Damen Shipyards Group began with the delivery of an offshore crane type BOS 300T in 1985. 22 years and 109 delivered Liebherr cranes later, the collaboration continues in the festive order signing ceremony of a floating crane type CBG 350 as 110th ordered unit. Both tradition-conscious businesses are successfully lead in the third generation by family members of the company founders. Mrs. Patricia Rüf and Mr. Arnout Damen signed the contract in the name of the two family-owned companies in the middle of March 2017. At the signing ceremony for the 110th order,

Arnout Damen said: “We are very pleased to be ordering this, the 110th Liebherr crane used on a Damen vessel. The crane will be used on the next generation Transshipment Crane Barge, the latest innovative solution resulting from the collaboration between our companies. We have very much enjoyed working together with Liebherr for more than 30 years and look forward to continuing to do so in the future.”

Mrs Patricia Rüf, member of the board of Liebherr-International AG commentated the successful signing with the following statement:

“The vessels of Damen Shipyard Group and the cranes from Liebherr complement each other perfectly and achieve highest effectiveness when it comes down to transportation and transshipment of goods globally. The common position of both our companies essentially follows the philosophy of creating highest quality standards and we are proud that our cranes are installed on their vessels. We are confident that our cooperation will continue in the future and we are in no doubt that the continuous improvement of our ship crane portfolio will meet the requirements of next-generation vessels.”


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