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Rontransmar: 230 t load transported through Romania on 26 SCHEUERLE InterCombi axle lines

•    Rontransmar uses a towed vehicle combination consisting of 26 InterCombi axle lines from the TII Group for the transport of a transformer

•    SCHEUERLE InterCombi scores through its robust design and unrivaled manoeuvrability
Rontransmar, the largest Romanian specialist transport company, currently has over 35 axle lines of the proven SCHEUERLE InterCombi in use. The latest assignment involved the transport of a 230 t transformer and demonstrated just how reliable the vehicles are as well as highlighting their high load-bearing capacity. For this task, Rontransmar used a vehicle combination featuring 26 axle lines which is unusually large for towed vehicles. The transport started its journey in the Romanian port of Constanta. There, the Rontransmar specialists loaded the InterCombi platform trailers onto a barge. Using the ship's cranes, the transformer - measuring 11.40 metres long, 4.20 metres wide and 4.30 metres high - was placed directly on the vehicles. "In spite of the relatively steep ramp leading to the barge and the extremely concentrated load, driving off was no problem. The SCHEUERLE InterCombi modules can be controlled with a high degree of precision and, at the same time, are very robust”, praised Rontransmar founder, Vlad Lechintan.
The first excitement arose when moving off the barge at the inland port of Oltenita: a challenge involving the approx. 1,500 horsepower and 5,000 Nm torque of the truck tractor against the 10 per cent ramp gradient followed by negotiating a gravel track which had been softened by the rain. After several attempts, the undertaking was a success – the SCHEUERLE InterCombi meanwhile patiently accommodating the stresses resulting from the unsuccessful attempts to leave the barge and climbing the track due to its torsion-resistant design, and guaranteed a safe and secure state of the concentrated load.
The next challenge was the ring road around Oltenita whereby the Rontransmar team had to deal with a difficult slalom course in order to avoid the numerous high-voltage and telecommunication cables along the route. In addition, when aproaching the final destination things became very tight once more between Urziceni and Ploesti. A 90° bend on a very steep stretch of road added close to half an hour to the transportation time. Here, the SCHEUERLE InterComi platform trailers could fully utilize their manoeuverability and directional stability, and ensured a safe and even position of the load due to the hydraulic axle compensation.

The electricity pylons on the Oltenita ring road required some evasive manoeuvring whereby the Rontransmar team benefited from the manoeuverability and directional stability of the SCHEUERLE InterCombi.
The rest of the route, along with the unloading operations in Ploesti, passed off smoothly not least thanks to the experience of the Rontransmar team. For more than ten years now, the Romanian transport specialists have been moving heavy loads across Europe. Thereby, they have been relying on their fleet of SCHEUERLE InterCombis with a total of 35 axle lines whilst also greatly appreciating the wide range of application possibilities. The modular platform trailers can be coupled in both longitudinal and transverse directions. With a technical axle load of 45 tonnes and its strong frame construction, the vehicles have proved themselves time and time again around the world – regardless whether as a towed or self-propelled vehicle. They can be combined with a wide range of decks, load distributors or bolsters in order to meet the operator requirements.


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The TII Group (Transporter Industry International GmbH) includes four specialist businesses each with a long-standing company tradition in the production of heavy goods vehicles: SCHEUERLE Fahrzeugfabrik in Pfedelbach (Germany), NICOLAS Industrie in Champs-sur-Yonne (France), KAMAG Transporttechnik in Ulm (Germany), as well as TRATEC with its manufacturing facility in Bawal in the Greater Delhi area (India).

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