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Road transport Road-building and transportation management
  • Aris & GESER Group of Companies
    Production of Ship doors Production of Ships furniture Production of fire-resistant deck A-60 Wet units production Ship windows Finishing works: - mounting of floor coating including the floating floors - sealing the premises - furniture assembly - installation of ventilation and conditioning systems - installation of plumbering equipment...
  • Baltiyskaya Stroitelnaya Kompania Moscow
    Financial-industrial group Baltic Construction Company is the largest investment-construction company in Russia. In accordance to the RF Gosstroy contest summary, the company was acknowledged as the leader of the Russian construction scene in 2002...
  • Dorservis, Group
    The work package implemented by the companies falling into Dorservis Group is as follows: engineering survey; road, street and structure designing; investment feasibility studies; technical supervision; solving of environmental problems in transport complex, incl...
  • KTR Privodnaya technika, JSC
    KTR Kupplungstechnik is a leading manufacturer of the power transmission components - couplings for the idfferent industries. Our well known brand name couplings as ROTEX, BoWex, RADEX-N, RIGIFLEX-N, REVOLEX are widely used all over the world...
  • Kurganstalmost, JSC
    The company is one of the largest companies in Russia specialized in manufacturing steel bridge superstructure components. The company offers: any steel bridge superstructure components; steel components for functionally varied structures; high-strength metalware used to erect bridges and structures; steel sheet pile panels for hydraulic structures; concrete reinforcement steel fibres...
  • Lengiprotrans, JSC
    Lengiprotrans is a prize winner of the Expert Award competition in the investment-constructional complex of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region in the category For the contribution to the development of the positive image of construction industry...
  • Mostootriad-19, JSC
    Construction of transportation structures: bridges of all types, tunnels, viaducts, flyovers, quays, wharves, etc.; bridges of about 4000 sq. m desk area are annually put into operation. The company is experienced in constructing foundations of practically any type and assembling any bridge superstructures; respective specialists and equipment are also available...
  • Mostostroitelnyi Otryad Nr. 3, Branch of JSC 'Volgomost'
    Mostootryad Nr. 3 is a company, that specializes in the construction of bridges. It has gained its experience for more than 60 years. Hundred of bridge constructions including big and unigue bridges over the such large rivers of Russia as Volga, Kama and Vyatka have been build during these 60 years...
  • Mostostroy Nr. 6, JSC
  • NE, OJSC
    OJSC NE was established in 1993 on the basis of hardware production that belonged to the Leningrad public enterprise ERA. The task set to the enterprise in the Soviet years was to manufacture the electrical equipment for ships and vessels of all classes and types, being built and repaired at the shipyards of North-West region...
  • Rosavtodor
  • Tandem Baumaschinen Ltd.
  • Transstroy Corporation unites the production and creative potential of more than 250 construction and assemblage, industrial, design and scientific organizations acting for transport construction over the whole of Russia and abroad...
  • Tsentrodorstroy, JSC
    It is major contractor specialized in integrated construction roads, airdromes and airports, bridges and viaducts, underground and surface pedestrian crossings, hydraulic works, public and industrial civil works...

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