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Road transport Works and service centers
  • International Machine-Building Company
  • KAMAZ Inc.
    KAMAZ Inc. offers a wide range of KAMAZ trucks with payload capacity 3,521,5 tons as well as special-purpose trucks, chassis cabs for superstructures, buses and small Oka cars, spare parts, units and components and guarantees warranty servicing thereof...
  • Mantsinen Group Ltd Oy
    Since its inception, Mantsinen strategy has been to provide its customers with the most efficient and safe solutions to bulk material handling possible. Mantsinen Group currently operates two business units - Logistic Services and Material Handling Machinery - both give unique solutions to reach this goal...
  • Petroskan Ltd.
    The company was founded in May, 1995 and is the official dealer of concern Scania CV AB (Sweden). Scania is one of the leading manufacturers of heavy trucks, buses, industrial and marine engines. Petroscan offers its customers a whole range of the Scania companys products: trucks, bus, original spare parts...
  • TII Group
    The TII Group (Transporter Industry International GmbH) includes four specialist businesses each with a long-standing company tradition in the production of heavy goods vehicles: SCHEUERLE Fahrzeugfabrik in Pfedelbach (Germany), NICOLAS Industrie in Champs-sur-Yonne (France), KAMAG Transporttechnik in Ulm (Germany), as well as TRATEC with its manufacturing facility in Bawal in the Greater Delhi area (India)...

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