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Shipbuilding and shipping Navigation charts and hydrography
  • ASD Sensortechnik GmbH
    Engineering, manufacturing and selling of sensors and systems for oceanographic research and control of marine environment pollution
  • Atlas Ltd.
    Satellite communication of the INMARSAT system, shipping and navigation equipment. We provide our clients with a full range of services including sales, installation, warranty and aflerwarranty repairing, activation, billing, local authorization GMDSS solutions, certifications of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, Our company is one of the developers of the Federal monitoring system and first company to organize INMARSAT equipment producing in Russia...
  • Atlas Marine Electronics Ltd.
    Service and maintenance of navigation command systems Kelvin Hughes and Wärtsilä SAM Electronics Nacos, as well as VDR/SVDR Danelec Marine DM-100, including annual performance tests of VDR/SVDR with issue of by makers: Kelvin Hughes, Wärtsilä SAM Electronics, Danelec Marine are main directions of our work...
  • Chandler, LTD.
  • Chart Pilot Ltd.
    Chart Pilot Ltd is the official appointed distributor of Nautical Charts and Publications of the Head Department of Navigation and Oceanography MD of Russian Federation (HDNO MD of RF). Established in 1998, we have created a vast distribution network of our charts, publications and services...
  • Correct Marine Enterprise, JSC
    Established in 1990 Correct Marine Enterprise specialize in supplies of ships equipment, spares, technical supply and completing parts to ship owners and industrial companies . We offer: Delivery of original spares for main and auxiliary diesel engines, pumps, separators, boilers, compressors, gear engines, cranes, manufactured in Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, Germany, Croatia...
  • Cruise L.l.c. (C-MAP)
  • EvoLogics GmbH
    New generation of S2C modems (sweep-spread carrier technology) for communication, positioning and USBL tracking in one device. With high bitrates, low error probability and long transmission distances, S2C-modems open up potential applications for improved submarine, AUV and divers operation, sub-sea acoustic networks with quasi-duplex communication...
  • General Maritime Supply Ltd.
  • Geomatics Centre
    Development, manufacturing and integration of hydrographic survey equipment, software and turnkey systems
  • Kelvin Hughes Ltd
    Kelvin Hughes Ltd is a world leader in the development, manufacture and supply of maritime navigation, surveillance and security radar systems. The company sets the international standard in solid state radar sensor technology with SharpEye and its market leading tactical and situational awareness radar display softwares...
  • Kronshtadt Group
  • Marine Bridge & Navigation Systems, JSC
    JSC Marine Bridge & Navigation Systems is engaged on shipbuilding market since 1991 and is specialized in navigation, radio communication, automation spheres for ships and vessels of all classes and purposes...
    MARINE TECHNICS provides overall delivery of ship enginery, electronic equipment and equipment for new-building for ships and vessels of all types and classes. MARINE TECHNICS supplies the following mechanical equipment: spare parts for main engines and diesel-generator sets (CKD, MAN, SKL, Barnaultransmash, DagDiesel, DalDiesel, Zvezda, Pervomayskdieselmash, RUMO, Russky Diesel, Uzhdieselmash, YaMZ etc...
  • Mobile Computer Systems (MCS), JSC
    Development and supplying of automation and data monitoring systems, steering control and autopilot systems. Onboard computers, operator stations and high-performance intellectual controllers based on Intel 486 Pentium III, Zilog chips and ISA, PC/104, VME...
  • Morintech Ltd.
    - Electronic Navigational Chart Production; - Digital charts publishing systems; - Electronic navigational chart systems (ECS/ECDIS); - Hydrography and electronic cartography; - Dispatcher information systems; - Provision of electronic and paper charts and nautical publications; - Internet technologies: electronic chart`s on the WEB and ship`s monitoring; - Sperry Marine navigational equipment distribution...
  • NavMarine
  • Polar SPb Ltd.
    CJSC Polar Spb. A member of the POLAR Group of Companies JRC Distributor and Service Center in Russian Fedearion - Sales of marine navigation, radio communication and fish finding equipment for High Sea vessels, Fishing Boats and Yachts...
  • Promelectronika, Scientific-Production Concern, JSC
    Accomplishes development and production of modern navigation equipment since 1993. Offers own production for marine purposes: - echo sounders for different depth ranges; -ECDIS; -ECS; - peripheral equipment; - test and diagnostic equipment...
  • RCPKB Stapel, JSC
    The all kind of design and construct projects and technological works in marine transport.
  • Sea Software Packages and Tehcnologies Ltd.
    Data aquisition real-time software and software-hardware systems developement and selling. It`s specialized for ROV systems. Data aquisition service for underwater works (surveys) using ROVs and divers...
  • The Russian Institute of Radionavigation and Time, JSC
    Development and production of following products: radionavigation systems and aids; navigation user`s equipment operating from GLONASS/GPS signals for sea and river ships, land and air transport; traffic control systems; synchronization systems and aids; atomic frequency and time standards and other products...
  • Zora Co., Ltd.
  • oncern CSRI "Elektropribor", JSC, State Research Center of the Russian Federation
    The State Research Center of the Russian Federation Concern CSRI Elektropribor, JSC is the leading research institute in Russia in the field of high-precision navigation, gyroscopy, gravimetry, and submarine optoelectronics, also involved in development and production of marine radio communication and hydroacoustic systems...

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