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Shipbuilding and shipping Welding equipment and service
  • Allrus ZAO
  • Center of trade and service Vyborg Ltd., Representative of firm KEMPPI in Russia
    Official distributor of Kemppi Russia, 191014, St-Petersburg, ul. Radisheva, 8B Tel./Fax: +7 (812) 719-61-33, 380-75-23, 380-96-95 E- mail: Delivery of welding equipment produced by Kemppi, Finland, for MIG/MAG, TIG and non-consumable electrode welding on AC/DC (GosStandard of Russia approval, NAKS certificate)...
  • Chistopol Shipbuilding - Ship Repair Plant (ChSSRP), LLC
    LLC "Chistopol Shipbuilding - Ship Repair Plant" (LLC "ChSSRP") was founded in the late 18th century and was then called Chistopol backwater. Before the revolution it was belonged to the merchant Stakheev...
    Engineering company CONSAR is the leader in the Russian market of energy saving equipment for air-cleaning from: 1. Welding aerosols, gases and fine dusts, produced during different operating procedures...
  • Electrode Plant, CCO
    CCO Electrodnyi Zavod Saint-Petersburg produces more than 60 years high-quality electrodes for manual arc welding and hardfacing of steel, including stainless, and cast iron, nonferrous metals and alloys...
  • FEB Ltd.
    design and manufacture of modern invertor welding equipment.
  • Industrial group "Novik", JSC
  • InVent, Indusrial Group, JSC
    Industrial group InVent. Complex valuations in industrial ventilation. Own manufacturing capabilities, availability of own constructional & engineering departments, assembling & after-sales service allows InVent to take upon itself liabilities for turnkey execution - from manufacture designing and shipment of equipment to assemblage, application & post-warranty service as well as single exhaust systems and whole industrial ventilation systems...
  • Kakhovka plant of electric welding equipment (KZESO)
    KZESO is a trademark of the leading enterprise on design and manufacturing of universal and special-purpose welding equipment. The enterprise keeps its traditions for more than half a century. Long-term experience of plants leading specialists and close cooperation with E...
  • Kron SPb
    Company "Kron SPb" is the representative of group " Air Liquide Welding " and members of group, companies OERLIKON, FRO, SAF and has the right to represent exclusively interests of the group for the enterprises of the Russian ship-building complex...
  • Kvadrat SG
    Northwest technological park "High-tech industry" technological park unites successful Russian innovative private companies, research and educational organizations, bright scientists and energetic entrepreneurs designing and producing highly technological equipment for different industries...
  • Master+ Ltd. - Welding equipment.
  • Metallurgy of Special Alloys, JSC
    Our Company CJSC "Metallurgy of Special Alloys" is a large supplier of materials, used in metallurgy to manufacture high-alloyed steels and alloys. One of the main activities of the company is delivering such ferro-alloys as ferro-molybdenum, ferro-vanadium, ferro-titanium, ferro-tungsten, ferro-manganese, ferro-silicocalcium, ferro-chrome, ferro-boron, etc...
  • Mezhgosmetiz, Trading Hous
    JSC "PKTBA" manufactures and delivers:  surfacing equipment;  equipment for thermal cutting;  Mechanical welding equipment;  equipment for automatic welding. JSC "PB" is the official representative of both EWM / HIGTEC WELDING (Germany) and leading Russian manufacturers of welding equipment...
  • Prometey, Engineering Technological Center, JSC
    Prometey Engineering & Technological Center since 1964. specializes in the field of welding manufacture and has the corresponding scientific and technical, engineering and industrial potential. The control system of quality of manufacture is certificated on EN ISO 9001:2001 (certificate TUV CERT)...
  • ROAR Ltd.
    Company ROAR was founded in 1992 and during 15 years has leader among the producers of gas and arc welding equipment in Russian and CIS markets. All production sertified and patented . NOVELTY!!! ROAR increases the range of products: Three-tube cutting torch RST - the winner of competition 100 best goods of Russia in nomination Novelty of the year and Sales Leader in 2005/ Cutting torch Mayak type...
  • Shipbuilding & Shiprepair Technology Center (JSC SSTC)
    Joint Stock Corporation Shipbuilding & Shiprepair Technology Center (JSC SSTC) - a leading technology center of shipbuilding in Russia, one of the largest research organizations in St. Petersburg. The organization has the status of the State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation, carries out fundamental and exploratory research in the field of modern technologies for shipbuilding and engineering, including through the use of energy sources and new physical phenomena, is actively involved in the development and implementation of large investment projects...
  • SIZOD NPK Ltd. NPK SIZOD has a 10-year history, which started at the Leningrad Occupational Safety Institute. The company`s staff deliver a competent approach based on a substantial expertise in production processes and the impact of production factors on human health...
  • Sudarm JSC
  • Tehnoterm-S
  • The Alliance of welders of St. Petersburg and North-West region, Engineering technological center
    Carrying out the industrial, scientific and commercial relations of companies in NW-Russia. Consulting of foreign firms partnership in Russia. Collaboration in Scientific and production programmcs.Preparation, organization and conduction of business contacts...
  • Trade House LEZ Ltd.
  • Uraltermosvar, Closed Joint-Stock Company
    The plant of welding equipment Uraltermosvar manufactures: Welding diesel units: DD-4004 (60-450), DD 22501 (two posts with 250), ADPR-22501V for welding and air plasma cutting, DD-42501V (4 posts with 250), DD-2003 (35-230) - units can be equipped with uniaxial chassis, the auxiliary generator 220V, and with heated quiver for drying of electrodes; Multi-purpose units: DDU-4001 (, the MIG/MAG, TIG) microprocessor-based, for field welding of pipelines and other important constructions, diesel-powered, with auxiliary generator (4kilowatt, 220V, 50Hz), the combined external characteristics; DDU-4001PR - with the function of air plasma cutting; Rectifier-type welding machines: VDU-306 and VDU-506 (microprocessor-based, thyristor, for welding of long-distance pipelines, transformable VAH (, MIG / MAG, IG), possibility of welding by the self-protected wire), VD-306 (50-315, PH=100 %), VD-306 (70-315, PH=65 %), VD-405 (410, PH=100 %), VDU-506, VDPR-306 with the function of air plasma cutting; Air plasma cutting units: VDPR-306 for welding and plasma cutting (70-315, PH-60 %, 380V) Welding inductor-type generators: GD-4006 (60-450, PH=60 %), GD-22501 (two posts with 250, PH=60 %), GD-2501 (35-230, PH=60 %); CESM-100-4-315 welding multioperator energy complex - 2 blocks, 4 welding posts, an electrode oven, thermally insulated welding block...
  • Weber Komehanics Ltd. Weber Comechanics Group of companies is one of the largest distributors and service centers in the area of metal treatment, welding and robotic equipment in Russia and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States)...
  • Welding and Ventilation Equipment, JSC
  • olding Spetskomplektresurs, JSC
  • oncern Energotechnika Ltd.

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