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Russian Federation

Address: 29, Politechnicheskaya st,, St. Petersburg, 195251, Russia
Phone: +7 (812) 552-65-93
Fax: +7 (812) 552-65-93, +7-(812)-297-81-75
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Head of the company:
Sergey N. Isakov

Last modified: 2007-02-27

Main activities:

ISTALLC develops around its main idea - Speed Valve Technology - based on the unique quick-acting pneumatic valves and is specialized in the creation of only exclusive pneumatic impulsive facilities. ISTA offers finished products, scientific and technical services on the market, and assigns the rights to its own patents.


At present the company delivers three lines of products based on Speed Valve Technology:
Solutions on elimination of the hang-up of loose material in industrial bunkers based on aircannons ISTA3 and ISTA4;
Equipment providing communications at rescue operations based on portable pneumatic linethrowers Eagle-Owl-2, ISTA-240 and ISTA-150;
Quick-acting pneumatic valves KB-35 and KB-40.


The complex automated solutions of the problems of hang-up of loose material in industrial bunkers of any volume, e.g. of capacity up to 60,000 tons.

Partners, contracts and works completed:

Systems ISTA-3 are mounted at the more then 400 enterprises of Russia, CIS ans Baltic countries: JSC "Caustic", JSC "Kuibyshevazot", JSC "EUROCHEM", Severstal Group, JSC "Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill", JSC Solombala Pulp and Paper Mill", JSC "HENKEL-SOUTH", JSC "SUAL", JSC "Baltic Bulker Terminal", JSC Russian Railways, branch "Novosibirsk Switch Plant", JSC "SUN Interbrew", AS Narva Elekrijaamad, AS Ahtme Soojus, AS Kohtla-Jarve Soojus.
Systems ISTA-4 are mounted on the bunkers of the following enterprises:
JSC "Gubakhinsky Shark"
JSC "Gold of North Ural" (Polymetal Group)
JSC OLCON (Severstal Group)
Principal customers Pneumatic linethrowers:
Rescue services of the EMERCOM of all the regions of Russia.
Sea crafts, sea oil platforms, geological parties, rescue-and-emergency services of Russian Navy, constructing-and-mounting companies (cable and fiber-optic line laying, etc.), companies working in the field of industrial alpinism, regional subdivisions of the SC United Energy Systems of Russia engaged in repair of high-voltage lines.

Quick-acting valves B-35 and B-40 Principal customer is JSC Russian Railways

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