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Ilyichevsk shiprepair yard Ltd.

Address: 68001, Odessa region, Ilyichevsk
Phone: +38 048 717 58 78, 717 58 77, 717 58 74
Fax: +38 048 717 58 70
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Head of the company:
Mikhail Z. Rafayevich

Last modified: 2005-06-08

Main activities:

All types of vessels with up to 120 000 t displacement including dry cargo ships, tankers, bulk carriers, ro-ros, ferries and research vessels as well as cruisers, harbor tugs and hydrofoils.
Manufacturing ISO containers: 20', 10', container for loose cargoes transportation, also accomodation.


container 20Т ISO
container 10Т ISO
container 8Т
container 20'for loose cargoes transportation
open-top 20'
accomodation 20'
passenger motor vessel


- hull treatment;
- steel renewal approximately 300 tons/month;
- overhauling/repair of sea valves;
- repair of steering gear, rudder;
- sterntube, tailshaft, propellers;
- main and auxiliary diesels and turbine plants;
- refrigerating plants;
- renewal and repair of pipelines and valves of all shipТs systems;
- renewal and repair of cable lines;
- blasting, painting of ballast and cargo tanks;
- navigation equipment;
- electrical equipment;
- main and auxiliary boilers;
- various repairs on vessels while they stay in port.

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