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Insurance Company ZHASO, JSC
Russian Federation

Address: 19, Dobroslobodskaya str., Moscow 105066 Russia
Phone: +7 (495) 780-58-07 (многоканальный), 8 (800) 200-99-93
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Last modified: 2005-08-04

Main activities:

Insurance company was founded by the Ministry of Railways in 1991. The shareholders are Russian regional railways, organizations and insurance companies of the railroad transportation.
The licenses of Ministry of the finance of Russian Federation ¶ 3092D from 07.12.2000, ¶ 2261B from 03.11.1999 of 40 types of insurance, including insurance of the railroad transport, cargo insurance (including dangerous), carries liability insurance, insurance of property etc.
Insurance company "ZHASO" is marked by the diplomas: repeatedly "Gold Business" of commercial and industrial Chamber and Consumers Rights Protection, "Torch of Birmingham" v world institute of financial and economical cooperation (USA).
After years of work the company has turned to be one of the largest and most significant in the insurance market of Russia, successfully carrying out tasks, given by Ministry of Railways, directed on the protection of interests of the railway transport passengers, branch employees, property interests of the railways enterprises. The next level of the state program on increase the safety movement of the railway transport was successfully completed year ago. It has allowed to lower amount of wrecks in 8 times. A considerable investment in it was made by "ZHASO" (in total amount of financing, the share of means received from "ZHASO" was 30%).
Insurance company has 29 branches, located in different cities of Russian Federation. One of the largest is the Baltic branch based in 1994. One of the main directions of its activity v constant cooperation with the Octyabrskaya railway.

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