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Prometey, Engineering Technological Center, JSC
Russian Federation

Address: Russia, 142300, Chekhov, Moscow region, Proizvodstvennaya, 1
Phone: +7(49672)627-84; +7(495)730-7514, +7(499)946-2810
Fax: +7(49672)627-84; +7(495)730-7514, +7(499)946-2810
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Head of the company:
Panin Vladimir

Last modified: 2007-06-19

Main activities:

Prometey Engineering & Technological Center since 1964г. specializes in the field of welding manufacture and has the corresponding scientific and technical, engineering and industrial potential.
The control system of quality of manufacture is certificated on EN ISO 9001:2001 (certificate TUV CERT). Welding materials are approved and certificated MR, RR of the Russian Federation, NACW Russia and LR. There is license of GosAtomNadzor the Russian Federation. Knowledge and experience of our experts on welding are supported by the international engineering diplomas.
The company the active participant of Committee on Standardization of the Russian Scientific and technical Welding Society.
Dominating kind of our production are welding materials, including low carbon, low and high alloy wire in accordance with GOST 2246-70: Св-08А, Св-08ГА, Св-08Г2С, corrosion-proof, aluminium, powder, омедненная a wire, etc.
Wire are delivered in bays and on eurocartridges with precision layer winding, with packing in cartoon boxes on europallets. In assortment there is also a welding wire of the European manufacture.
On a welding wire we carry out a full cycle of the control over melt before packing, with an opportunity of reception of materials with the set physical and chemical properties. Entrance and target quality assurance of welding materials, with delivery of own certificates of quality allows to carry out own laboratories of the chemical analysis and mechanical tests.
Our constant partners and consumers are more than 500 enterprises of Russia, Near and far Abroad.
We have honour to offer you a wide spectrum of design - technological, engineering services; delivery: welding materials: wires, electrodes, fluxes; the welding equipment and accessories; equipments and account materials for flaw detection; complete laboratories for monitoring procedure of quality of metal and welded connections.
At sphere of our interests are present: power units and hydropathes for small and micro hydroelectric power station; wind energy stations; preparation and certification of experts of welding manufacture.

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Phone: +7 (812) 336 3130, e-mail:

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