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Russian Federation

Address: 123 Babushkina St., St.-Petersburg, 192012 Russia
Phone: (+7 812) 362-0747
Fax: (+7 812) 367-3776
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Last modified: 2016-04-29

Main activities:

PJSC ZVEZDA is the leading Russian manufacturer of high-speed marine diesel engines (500-7400 kW); marine reverse-reduction gearboxes (up to 40000 kW); marine diesel-generators (300-800 kW); automated stationary and containerized generating sets for stand-by, emergency and main power supply (315-1500 kW).

- Product-related services: warranty maintenance, spare parts, repairs, training, consultations
- Other services: aluminum casting, machining (including high-precision machining), tool production, etc.

The company was founded in 1932.

- high-speed naval ships and boats
- special crafts (customs, patrol, rescue, ecological, fire-fighting)
- high-speed passenger hydrofoils, air-cushion vessels, planning boats
- sea-going catamarans, river shallow-draught vessels, boats and yachts
- high-speed transportation vessels
- rail cars, diesel trains, diesel-locomotive
- low-power engineering



- marine propulsion diesel engines 6,12 ChN18/20 and 42,56 ChN16/17 rated at 200-7400 kW for high-speed sea- and river-going vessels of various applications
- marine gensets rated at 300-800 kW on the base of diesel engines of own production
- reversible and non-reversible reduction gearboxes with transmitted power up to 40000 kW
- locomotive diesel engines 12ChN18/20 for passenger diesel trains, railcars, shunters and mainline locomotives
- industrial diesel engines 12ChN18/20 for diesel-generators and industrial equipment
- continuous duty, standby and emergency power plants rated at 315-1500 kW


- installation supervision and commissioning, technical guidance in assembling and start-up
- warranty and after-sales service
- regular deliveries of spare parts to operating organizations and repair bases for all kinds of ZVEZDA products
- all kinds of repair works both onsite and at production facilities of ZVEZDA
- training of operating and maintenance staff onsite or at production facilities of ZVEZDA
- consultations and engineering works on adaptation of engines to operation conditions at the installation (being designed or renovated), and also coupling the engine with the installation systems
- corporate technical maintenance

- research and development works

- various mechanical-engineering works (casting, mechanical processing, production of parts and units, tools, etc.).

Partners, contracts and works completed:

EXAMPLES OF PROJECTS WITH ChN16/17 DIESEL ENGINES OF ZVEZDA: - Patrol boat Svetlyak (project 10412) - Patrol boat Mirage (project 14310) - Patrol boat Mercury" (project 14232) - Landing cargo boat Serna (project 11770) - Patrol boat Sokzhoy (project 14230) - Passenger hydrofoil boat Olympia EXAMPLES OF PROJECTS WITH ChN18/20 DIESEL ENGINES OF ZVEZDA: - Patrol boat Mustang-2 (project 18623) - Patrol boat Mustang (project 18627) - Patrol boat Mangust (project 12150) - General service boat Bourevestnik(project 21270) - High-speed catamaran Captain Corsak (project 23170) - Passenger hydrofoil Lastochka-M - Passenger hydrofoils Meteor, Kometa, Linda, Raketa, Zarya, Voshod-2M

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