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Uraltermosvar, Closed Joint-Stock Company
Russian Federation

Address: flat 67, hous 49, Mockowskaja str., Yekaterinburg, 620014, Russia
Phone: +7 (343) 203-14-57, 203-14-58, 203-14-59, 376-46-80
Fax: +7 (343) 203-14-57, 203-14-58, 203-14-59, 376-46-80
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Head of the company:
Uriy Borisovich Ezdakov, General Director

Last modified: 2007-06-08

Main activities:

The plant of welding equipment Uraltermosvar manufactures:

Welding diesel units:
DD-4004 (60-450), DD 22501 (two posts with 250), ADPR-22501V for welding and air plasma cutting, DD-42501V (4 posts with 250), DD-2003 (35-230) - units can be equipped with uniaxial chassis, the auxiliary generator 220V, and with heated quiver for drying of electrodes;

Multi-purpose units:
DDU-4001 (, the MIG/MAG, TIG) microprocessor-based, for field welding of pipelines and other important constructions, diesel-powered, with auxiliary generator (4kilowatt, 220V, 50Hz), the combined external characteristics;
DDU-4001PR - with the function of air plasma cutting;

Rectifier-type welding machines:
VDU-306 and VDU-506 (microprocessor-based, thyristor, for welding of long-distance pipelines, transformable VAH (, MIG / MAG, IG), possibility of welding by the self-protected wire), VD-306 (50-315, PH=100 %), VD-306 (70-315, PH=65 %), VD-405 (410, PH=100 %), VDU-506, VDPR-306 with the function of air plasma cutting;

Air plasma cutting units:
VDPR-306 for welding and plasma cutting (70-315, PH-60 %, 380V)

Welding inductor-type generators:
GD-4006 (60-450, PH=60 %), GD-22501 (two posts with 250, PH=60 %), GD-2501 (35-230, PH=60 %);

CESM-100-4-315 welding multioperator energy complex - 2 blocks, 4 welding posts, an electrode oven, thermally insulated welding block. Electric power station under a hood of 100 kilowatt on metal sledge;

--160S welding unit, multi-purpose hermetic carbody, on the basis of wheel tractor --160, a diesel engine 160 h.p., 4 posts for arc welding, a post for air plasma cutting, two auxiliary generators 6 kilowatt, 380V, 4 kilowatt, 220V, an electrode oven;

Hinged welding units US and ADD -type, one post and two posts for tractors;

Welding transformers D-401, D-402, D-501 and D-504.

Semiautomatic welding machines PDG-512 Ural, Ural T and Ural K.

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