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Khazar Shipping Lines

Address: Islamic Republic of Iran, Head office in Anzali port:
Phone: +98 181 3223 801-3, 3226 281, 3223 717
Fax: +98 191 3233064
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Last modified: 2005-12-01

Main activities:

Отдел по маркетингу и операциям/trade and operations department:
Тел. +98 181 3224 625,
Факс +98 181 3224 001

Филиалы и зарубежные представительства/Branches and foreign offices
филиал порта Ноушахр/Noshahr port branch:
Тел. +98 191 3251481-90, 3232874, 32 874 (отдел маркетинга/trade affairs)
Факс +98 191 33 064

филиал порта Нека/Neka port branch:
Тел. +98 1595 22 654
Тел./Факс +98 1595 25 154

Тегеранский филиал/Tehran office:
Тел. +98 21 8872 9823-5
Факс +98 21 8871 0855

Московское представительство/Moscow (Russian Federation):
Тел./Факс +7 495 124 2627,935 8637

Астраханское представительство/Astrakhan port (Russian Federation):
Тел. +7 8512 63 0375, 22 2154
Факс: +7 8512 63 0374

Казахстанское представительство в Актау/Aktau port (Republic of Kazakhstan):
Тел. + 7 3292 520068, 511127
Факс +7 3292 522863

Бакинское представительство/Baku port (Republic of Azerbaijan):
Тел. +99 450 210 7683 (мобильный/mobile)
Тел./Факс: +99 412 93 8812

Khazar Shipping Lines was established in the second quarter of 1992 with the objective of expansion and broadening of the national-merchant fleet of Iran in the Caspian Sea. Establishing link between Iranian shipping lines with all ports at the Caspian Sea, expansion and promotion of sea transportation and stabilizing the presence of the national fleet of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the region in the wake of the increase in the volume of trade, commercial and economic establishment of this company.
The company which has suitable facilities such as modern and equipped vessels under its ownership under the class of international maritime classification institutes and a wide network of internal branches and foreign agencies carries shipments of the respectful owners of goods and industries and exporters with competitive rates on regular, safe and quick basis in the Caspian Sea by using the latest developments and achievements in sea transport industries as well as experienced specialists and experts and coverage of the "P&I" Insurance Club of England. In June 2000 Khazar Shipping Lines was qualified to receive the certificate of safety management ISM and quality according to recognize global standards from the DNV classification institute.
Khazar Shipping Lines offers the following additional services to the respectful owners of goods, industries, and businessmen: exemption from payment of the 10 percent duties on the freight of import goods; accepting freights for export goods hundred percent. Khazar Shipping Lines is the agent of foreign vessels arriving at the northern ports of Iran (Anzali port, Noshahr port, Neka port) and takes measures for quick completion of customs formalities, supply of requirements, preparation of food, drinking water as well as fuel for all foreign ships, both cargos and tankers, arriving at the ports.
Vessels under the ownership of Khazar Shipping Lines offers regular services to the following ports and vice versa from Anzali and Noshahr ports to: Astrakhan port (Russian Federation), Makhachkala port (Russian Federation), Aktau port (Republic of Kazakhstan), Baku port (Republic of Azerbaijan), Turkmenbashi port (Turkmenistan).

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