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Poltraf Ltd.
Russian Federation

Address: 196105, Saint-Petersburg, Vitebsky pr., 3, lit. B
Phone: +7 (812) 388 62 22 (26)
Fax: +7 (812) 388 00 52
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Last modified: 2007-07-24

Main activities:

Subsidiary of Swiss manufacturer Trafag AG. Only high quality industrial control equipment from Rueger, STS, STIKO, ≈+≈ Elektronik, Regin, Huba Controls, Asco Joucomatic, Fantini Cosmi.

We offer:

- pressure and temperature switches, level, dielectric conductivity and pressure transmitters;

- gas density monitors and sensors (including SF6 gas);

- gas and bimetallic thermometers, industrial pressure gauges;

- temperature sensors, thermocouples, temperature transmitters;

- sensors and controllers for HVAC systems;

- control and measuring instruments for explosive zones and intrinsically
safe circuits.

- (thermo)anemometers, hygrometers, smoke and CO2 detectors, humidity and dew point sensors, humidity calibration equipment.
- transmitters with data loggers (up to 500000 measurements, 10 years of autonomous work)


Products of companies: Trafag, Rueger, STS, Stiko, Regin, Asco Joucomatic, Huba Control, E+E Elektronik, being world leader-manufacturers of control instrumentation and means of automation



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