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Shiprepair & Shipbuilding Corporation, JSC
Russian Federation

Address: 1, 1st Pozharny pereulok., Gorodets 606505 Reg. Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia
Phone: +7 (83161) 9-39-72, 9-37-72
Fax: +7 (83161) 9-28-18
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Head of the company:
Vladimir Vasenkov, General Director

Last modified: 2014-12-09

Main activities:

Open Joint Stock Company Shiprepair & Shipbuilding Corporation was founded in 1918.

The enterprise performs building, repair and maintenance of special vessels of auxiliary and technical fleet: floating causeway for riding of civilian vessels and ships of Naval forces, which can be different classes and ranks, vessels of supply of unlimited navigating area, floating repair shops, barracks ships, floating repairing docks by lifting capacity to 15000 t.

Hulls of this vessels are made by composite steel- reinforced concrete, that ensure term of their exploitation to 60 years and procedure of inspection on the float, without break of exploitation, and dont influence on ecology negatively.


Standing ships and ships of technical fleet:

- composite docks by lifting capacity from 2000 till 8000 tons;
-reinforced concrete wharfs by length till 250 m,for riding large marine vessels by displacement till 60000 tons;
-floating wharfs for riding cruising yacht;
-reinforced concrete module-pontoons;
-floating car park for parking and keeping cars;
-complexes of non-self propelled floating structure:floating storehouses,bases,hotels,restaurant,houses,dachas,facilities of development of continental shelf,immersible reinforced concrete pontoons for contouring of artifical ground island and making of wharfs and other floating facilities from reinforced concrete and metal.
2.Shipbulding and updating of metal and reinforced concrete ships.


Enterprise has hull shop and assembly shop.Building of large facilities is realized in these shops.Also shipyard has transverse slipway -300 by capacity 3500 tons,it`s made on reinforced concrete foundation.Enterprise performs following works:hoisting on slipway of ships and repair of ships,large-series building of reinforced concrete and metal ships.

Our services:
-ship repair of floating marine and river facilities;
-military shipbuilding;
-hoisting on slipway of ships;
-complex maintenance of ships;
-production of reinforced concrete and metal ships;
-update and alteration with changing of river class on marine class and contrariwise;
-alteration of river ships with cutting and welding of insertation;
-jointing of large-tonnage ships without caisson;
-increase of life cycle of reinforced concrete hulls.

Partners, contracts and works completed:

Our Customer:

- Naval fleet of Russian Federation;
- Ship owner and shipping company;
- Steamship company,river and marine ports.

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