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Chkalovsk Shipyard, Joint Stock Company
Russian Federation

Address: 17 Mira Str., Chkalovsk 606541 Reg. Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia
Phone: +7 (83160) 4-23-38
Fax: +7 (83160) 4-23-38
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Head of the company:
Evgeny Davydov, General Director

Last modified: 2013-07-21

Main activities:

Chkalovsk Shipyard JSC was founded in 1883.

It was basic enterprise in Ministry of Inland Water Transports composition and worked much on building, repairing and modernization of technical fleet. The Shipyard was sole enterprise in our country, which was able to produce full complex of changeable-share parts for belt mechanisms of hydraulic engineering facilities.

Chkalovsk Shipyards fundamental productions are ships of technical fleet: big heavy dredgers and dredging pumps, self-propelled and non-self-propelled dirt boats, pushers and dump scows as well as parts groups of ships, sluices, floating scoop dredgers and dredging pumps.


Ships of technical fleet: big heavy dredgers and dredging pumps, self-propelled and non-self-propelled dirt boats, pushers, pusher-tugs. This kinds of ships realize dredging operations, transportation of heavy and cohesive soils.
The enterprise has sufficient capacities, experience and potential for expansion of nomenclature technical fleets shipbuilding.
Passenger and combination catamarans
Catching trawlers
Mechanical engineering: parts of ships; changeable spares, joints and metal constructions for navigable sluices and hydrosystems, all floating scoop dredgers and dredging pumps; ball connections, mooring winches, compressors of starting air.


Chkalovsk Shipyard JSC has ship-raising arrangement in the form of slipway (-150), which is realized ships launching and building to 115 m in length, 20 m wide and dock mass to 1400 tn. Mainline departments of JSC: hull- welding shop, woodshop, machine-assembly department, foundry, forge shop, wiring and ship-raising department.
Equipment of enterprise gives an opportunity to produce metal processing of parts, to realize wiring, electrical repair and pipe-line job.
Chkalovsk Shipyard JSC is broad enterprise, which realizes different kinds of activity therefore it has a pos-sibility to produce production for wide customers.

Our services:
Ships building and repairing of technical fleet, tug fleet and barges;
Building of passenger and combination catamarans, pleasure boats, catching trawlers for coastal fishing;
Ships modernization and reequipment
Checking of hulls, shipboard equipment, systems and arrangements
Mechanical engineering
Repairing of floating pontoon bridges

Partners, contracts and works completed:

Our customers:
Areas of hydraulic engineering facilities and shipping
River ports
Shipping companies
National administrations of waterways and shipping
Steamship lines
Engineering plants

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