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Russian Federation

Address: Rabotchy Pereulok 17A, Sarov, Nizhniy Novgorod Region, 607190, Russian Federation
Phone: +7 (83130) 6-63-65, 6-64-17, 6-63-88, 5-95-68
Fax: +7 (83130) 6-63-65, 6-64-17, 6-63-88, 5-95-68
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Last modified: 2007-08-01

Main activities:

Engineering company CONSAR is the leader in the Russian market of energy saving equipment for air-cleaning from:

1. Welding aerosols, gases and fine dusts, produced during different operating procedures. Possible output is 1200, 2400 and 3500 m /hour, i.e. units FVU-1200, FVU-2400 and FVA-3500.
2. Abrasive, metal dust and fine chippings, produced during the operation of the cutting, grinding and polishing machines. Possible output is 1200 and 2000 m /hour, i.e.units UVP-1200A and UVP-2000A.
3. Dusts with large and medium particle size and fine dusts, produced during grinding and polishing operations, cutting operations, lathe work, casting molds machining, sand blasting, bead blasting, pouring dusting materials etc. Possible output is 4000-16000 m /hour, i.e. filtering cyclones UVP-FKC series.

JSC CONSAR is the Distributor of the Italian company CORAL S.p.A. with the right to sale on exclusive basis the CORAL S.p.A. products for air cleaning from oil mists, welding fumes, dusts, energy saving heat economizers, and self-supporting extraction arms.

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