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Express Diesel Shipservice Co. Ltd

Address: 6 off., 128, General Ostryakov str., Sevastopol, 99040, Ukraine
Phone: +380 692 443635, 454359
Fax: +380 692 443635, 454359
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Head of the company:
Shamin Alexandr Ivanovich

Last modified: 2007-09-16

Advertiser of Maritime Market magazine in issues: 21

Main activities:

If you are a Chief Executive or Controller Of a company owning or leasing ships powered by "BURMEISTER & WAIN" or "MAN-BURMEISTER & WAIN Diesel" marine engines and if we tell you that Express Diesel Ship Service Ltd. could save you as much as 10%or more on fuel, would you be interested?

We are sure you would be!


For more than 20 years we have constructed, manufactured and delivered fuel-tight suction valves for all types of High Pressure fuel pumps of slow-speed two-stroke marine diesel engines produced by the firm MAN B&W Diesel A/S and its licensees.
We always take into consideration the experience of operations and service of your fuel equipment plus International organizations requirements concerning issues of safety of navigation and protection of the environment while developing our products. Therefore we can say with confidence that our technologies are in the best interest of our clients.
The thorough long-term researches and analysis of accumulated data have allowed us to construct valves, which have practically ideal performance of injection and ensure complete combustion of fuel. It is one of the most important factors, which determines high economy and low toxicity of marine diesel engines.
All products of our company are protected by the patents of Russia and Ukraine and certified by the Russian Register.
For successful modernization, the delivery of spare parts is made in sets, which are completely ready for installation on the engine. The installation is made according to our unique, original and special installation procedure, which secures complete sealing of fuel pump of marine diesel engines.

The detailed instruction and our telecommunication service will allow crew to install the Modernizing Set and to tune fuel pumps without any assistance. Each Set of spare parts for Modernizing consists of suction valves or combined with valve covers for fuel pumps.


The worked out a proved during the years complex technology of the modernization of the fuel equipment lets the ship owners to make the exploitation of their vessels more effective

Our technologies help the ship owners to save:

up to 15% on fuel
up to 10% of time during the long sea transitions
the expenses on spare parts
the expanse on the marine engine repair
and provide much more benefits.
These advantages were approved by more than a 100 of ship owners

The great experience of the 45 years long job with a fuel equipment of the low speed marine engines lets our consulting specialists to deal with the most complicated situations which could occur during its exploitation

The Express Diesel Ship Service Ltd. cooperates closely with the Ship Repairs companies of the countries of the Baltic and Black Sea basins. We are well familiar with their production potential and current conditions of operation. We are always ready to assist a ship owner in placing and accompanying the orders.

Our specialists will:

inspect the ship propulsion unit and identify all the engine and mounted equipment

detect all the equipment which needs repairs or replacement, connect with the enterprises producing the needed equipment and will help to buy the best of it

suggest the means to solve in the shortest term many problems occurring during the operation of a marine engine

give the ship owner the report on the inspection conducted

Partners, contracts and works completed:

More than 140 upgraded ships

Boll & Kirch AG
JSC Ship repair plant Ukraine, Odessa
JSC Musson
Ship repair plant WESTERN SHIPREPAIR, Klaipeda
Riga Ship Yard
JSCo Sevastopol Marine Plant
JSC Shipbuilding yard Zaliv, Kertch

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Phone: +7 (812) 336 3130, e-mail:

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