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Zvyozdochka Shiprepair Centre, JSC
Russian Federation

Address: 12, Mashinostroitelei, Arkhangelsk region, Severodvinsk 164509, Russia
Phone: +7 (81842) 70 801, 70 297
Fax: +7 (81842) 72 850
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Last modified: 2015-08-11

Main activities:

Building of pr. 50010 fishing trawlers; repair and modernization of ships, including trawlers; production and repair of ship propellers; building of pr. 16900 dry cargo ships; construction of metal bridge pier "Priboi", furniture for ships.


- Freezer trawlers, 50010 project;
- Jack up drilling rigs;
- Dry cargo universal type ships, project 16900;
- Stainless steel solid and detachable blade propellers with diameter from 0,5 to 7 meters and weight to 50 tons for various types of ships;
- Furniture for vessels, ships, drilling platforms and drill shift settlements;
- Floating piers of "Priboi" type, length -124 m, designed for moorage of ships with displacement to 50001;
- Pontoons, pontoon bridges.


- Repair and re-equipment of submarines, surface ships, including foreign ones.
- Repair and re-equipment of trawlers, seiners, research ships and other types of inland and sea going ships;
- Diagnosis and repair of shipboard and industrial equipments.
- Fabrication of steel constructions (as per customer`s drawings) for the enterprises of oil and gas industry.

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