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Tebul Oy

Address: Luumäentie 2, FIN-21420 LIETO, Finland
Phone: +358 505 406 031
Fax: +358 2 48 99 299
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Last modified: 2012-06-01

Advertiser of Maritime Market magazine in issues: 40

Company press releases

Main activities:

TEBUL OY was established in 1942 for the production of hydraulic machinery and equipment for the shipbuilding and other industries.

The first ship steering gear was delivered in 1952, and the first watertight bulkhead doors in 1961. Today, watertight bulkhead sliding doors are the main product of TEBUL OY.

The company was merged with Wärtsilä in 1964 and emerged as an independent company again in 1988, following the reorganization of the former Wärtsilä Marine activities. The present company structure was established in 1992.

The companyТs annual turnover is 4 million Euro.

Our list of references is impressive. We have delivered more than 4,000 watertight bulkhead sliding doors over the years.

Strict quality-control and assurance procedures are applied by TEBUL OY throughout planning, production, installation and service as part of the total adopted Customer Commitment policy.


Tebul is dedicated to providing watertight bulkhead sliding door system for ship manufacturers all over the world.
Our current generation of sliding bulkhead doors is an outstanding demonstration of TebulТs innovative engineering skill, featuring a unique sealing system which significantly reduces the risk of distortion compared to other conventional bulkheads. We are the technology leader in electric door systems, and specialise in bulkhead doors designed for offshore vessels, super yachts, cruise liners and other high-class vessels.

Tebul doors are available also in the Eex-version for Explosion Hazardous areas, specially designed for offshore application.

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