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«Морская биржа»

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Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH

Aдрес: Messeplatz 1, 20357 Hamburg, Germany / P.O. Box 30 24 80, 20308 Hamburg, Germany
Телефон: +49 40 3569-0
Факс: +49 40 3569-2203
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Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH / Гамбург Мессе унд Конгресс ГмбХ
Official Representation in RF / официальное представительство в РФ
St.Petersburg 197022 / 197022 Санкт-Петербург,
P.S. Bolshoy pr. 100, off. 314 / Большой пр., П.С., д. 100, офис 314
Phone/Fax: + 7 812 335 19 69 / тел./факс: (812) 335-19-69
E-mail: hmcrf@mail.ru

Последнее обновление: 22.01.2016

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Основные виды деятельности:

One location – one company – two fields of business. Hamburg Messe und Congress is a full-service provider with outstanding service in organising and conducting national and international exhibitions and conferences.

Hamburg Messe und Congress (HMC) invests major amounts of time and energy to help exhibitors boost the impact of their business activities in other international markets. We have a wealth of resources to tap into, and our unrivalled expertise and experience in organising maritime trade fairs enables us to organise delegations, national pavillons and SMM events around the world.

The SMM team attends all major maritime trade fairs worldwide. Our role in supporting you is to provide all required services whenever you need them – from face-to-face consultation to support with your exhibition stand, travel information, accommodation advice, catalogue sales and tickets.

Whatever support you need, wherever you’re based in the world – we’d be delighted to meet you.

For more information register your interest today and discover SMM Hamburg and INMEX SMM India.


По вопросам размещение пресс-релизов и рекламы обращайтесь по тел.: +7 (812) 336-31-30, e-mail: info@setcorp.ru

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