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NorthWest Maritime Agency, JSC
Russian Federation

Address: Russia, 193167, St.Petersburg, Obvodnogo Kanala emb., 23
Phone: +7 (812) 327-83-81, 717-07-13
Fax: +7 (812) 324-69-35
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Last modified: 2003-09-04

Main activities:

ZAO Scientific Production Firm Northwest Maritime Agency is one of the leading companies in the field of production of sea and river rescue products.

All products made by our company have Certificates of Model Approval of the Russian Maritime and River Shipping Registers.

Quality assurance system meeting the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:94, as well as Russian MILITARY REGISTER is applied in the firm.

Certificates of compliance MS ISO 9001:94 were issued in 2001 by Russian Maritime Shipping Register.
Besides, the firm has a License of Russian Shipbuilding Agency in the field of Armament and Military Engineering in respect of development and production of safety means.
The high quality of products secures the implementation of orders for the Navy and Maritime Frontier Troops of the Russian Federation, as well as for such major shipping companies and Volzhskoye Oil-Loading Shipping
Volgotanker, Vision Fleet and others.


- sea and river life jackets;
- safety work jackets;
- automatic search lights for sea life jackets and undersea thermosuits;
- ring-buoys of two types: light and heavy;
- buoys and self-igniting ring-buoys search lights;
- heat-shielding means;
- special clothes for fishermen and fishing industry workers;
- winter and summer work clothes: jackets, overalls, semi- overalls;
- flags of Russia and foreign countries;

Additional activities of the firm include:
- performance of complex orders in supplying Shipping companies and private ship owners;
- inspection and reexamination of survival equipment and ammunition;
- elite souvenir products: copies of spyglasses of the Great naval commanders and military leaders of Russia (with Certificates of State and Historical museums), highly professional copies of military and civil ships made upon order.

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