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Shipbuilding & Shiprepair Technology Center (JSC SSTC)
Russian Federation

Address: 7, Promishlennaya str., St. Petersburg 198095, Russia
Phone: +7 (812) 786 1910
Fax: +7 (812) 786 0459, 786 0450
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Last modified: 2016-07-13

Company press releases

Main activities:

Joint Stock Corporation Shipbuilding & Shiprepair Technology Center (JSC SSTC) - a leading technology center of shipbuilding in Russia, one of the largest research organizations in St. Petersburg.

The organization has the status of the State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation, carries out fundamental and exploratory research in the field of modern technologies for shipbuilding and engineering, including through the use of energy sources and new physical phenomena, is actively involved in the development and implementation of large investment projects. JSC Shipbuilding & Shiprepair Technology Center today is a multifunctional research and production complex.

In its structure - research laboratories, engineering and design departments in the creation and modernization of shipyards, ship repair plants, waterworks and engineering industries, providing shore-based marine engineering, design and manufacture of ship fittings and other systems, the design of vessels for fishing and processing fleet of special purpose ships, industry research and technical center pricing, the complexity of the construction and repair of ships and boats (ONTTS), as well as the necessary capacity for the production and release produced by the process equipment.

The specialists of JSC "SSTC" developed and implemented new processes and tools, jigs and fixtures for a wide range of manufacturing operations, allowing radically change the conditions and nature of shipbuilding production, increase productivity in shipyards. The organization has units that provide international communications, marketing, advertising and publishing. JSC Shipbuilding & Shiprepair Technology Center lets trade magazine "Shipbuilding" and the Research and Production annual compilation of "Herald of shipbuilding technology."

JSC Shipbuilding & Shiprepair Technology Center has broad scientific, technical and economic ties with many countries in the world, with various international research centers and firms involved in major international exhibitions, congresses and simpoziumah Organizatsiya open to mutually beneficial cooperation with all interested partners in Russia and abroad.

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