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—oncern CSRI "Elektropribor", JSC, State Research Center of the Russian Federation
Russian Federation

Address: 30, Malaya Posadskaya str., St. Petersburg 197046, Russia
Phone: +7 (812) 232-3376
Fax: +7 (812) 232-3376
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Last modified: 2016-07-24

Main activities:

The State Research Center of the Russian Federation Ц Concern CSRI Elektropribor, JSC is the leading research institute in Russia in the field of high-precision navigation, gyroscopy, gravimetry, and submarine optoelectronics, also involved in development and production of marine radio communication and hydroacoustic systems.

Elektropribor completes a full cycle of work, from fundamental research and investigations to manufacturing and in-service follow-up of its products::

Х navigation complexes for submarines and surface ships;
Х inertial navigation and stabilization systems for surface ships;
Х periscopes and optronic masts;
Х miniature integrated inertial satellite navigation systems for marine and ground applications;
Х MEMS gyros and inertial control modules for highly dynamic vehicles;
Х navigation aids (logs, echo sounders, magnetic compasses);
Х mobile gravimeters (marine and airborne);
Х microacceleration measurement systems for spacecraft;
Х spacecraft attitude reference systems;
Х underground navigation devices and systems for well boring and control;
Х automated shipborne radio communication systems;
Х shipborne antenna and feeder assemblies and communication switching devices;
Х hydroacoustic systems for conventional submarines;
Х precision electromechanics.

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