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Central Marine Research and Design Institute (CNIIMF)
Russian Federation

Address: 6, Kavalergardskaya, St. Petersburg, 191015, Russia
Phone: +7 (812) 271 12 83
Fax: +7 (812) 274 38 64
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Last modified: 2016-09-17

Main activities:

Х Ship Operation Organization and Marine Transportation Technology;
Х Port Operation Organization;
Х Shipping Development and Logistics;
Х Elaboration of Newbuilding Engineering Documentation;
Х Research and Development in the Field of Ships and Marine Equipment;
Х Development of the Quality Management System Complying with
Х International Standards of the ISO 9000 Series;
Х Ship Maintenance and Repair;
Х Technical Maintenance and Means of Technical Diagnostic;
Х Maritime Safety and Radio Communications;
Х Development and Program Products;
Х Environmental Protection;
Х Labour Organization in Ships, Ports and Ship Repair Facilities;
Х Information and Publishing Activities.


Technical and working design for ship building and repairing, feasibility studies of new ships, diagnostic devices, research reports, projects of quality and environment management systems, projects of safety management systems


Scientific research, information support, certification, standartization, patent investigations, publish activity

Partners, contracts and works completed:

Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Economic Development, State committee of Russia for Hydrometeorology, shipping companies, ports, shiprepairing yards of Russia, companies involved in research, design and constraction of ships and shipboard equipment
International project "Northern Sea Route" (INSROP), International project of oil and gas transportation from the Barents and Kara Seas (ARCDEV), Safety Management Systems complying with the requirements of ISM Code, Quality Management Systems complying with the ISO 9000 Standarts

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