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Zelenodolsk CB, JSC
Russian Federation

Address: 41a Lenin St., Zelenodolsk, Tatarstan, 422550 Russia
Phone: +7 (84371) 535-88
Fax: +7 (84371) 574-05
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Last modified: 2015-09-17

Advertiser of Maritime Market magazine in issues: 5, 21

Main activities:

Year of foundation - 1949.

Quality management system is certified in compliance with standard ISO 9001-2001.

Activity profile:
Х Designing of ships, vessels and boats of various types and purposes.
Х Designs of modernization.
Х Designing and production of vessel facilities
Х Trial, testing, consultations, production of models.


Zelenodolsk CB specializes in development of the projects of ships, vessels and boats. They are capable to carry out the tasks of protection the economic, reserved, trade zones, transportation of passengers, dry cargo and oil-products. Also the bureau develops the projects of various vessels for travel and rest on water. The bureau has experience in designing of high-speed vessels with dynamic principles of maintenance (hydrofoils, air-cushion and air-cavity vessels).

The highly skilled staff, close cooperation with the branch science and trial-experimental manufacture allow to study and work through the hydrodynamical, maneuverable, seaworthy and strength characteristics of the ships and vessels of various projects by models in trial pool and open reservoirs, test the units of created equipment to ensure their reliability.

Bureau also designs the equipment for oil-gas industry, geophysical works, repair of oil wells and etc.

Designing is conducted with applying of up-to-date information technologies. Quality management system is certified in compliance with standard ISO 9001-2001. Zelenodolsk design bureau possesses the license for all kinds of activity and it is accredited as the scientific organization.

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