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Russian Federation

Address: 346720 Rostov reg., Aksay, Naberegnaya str. 199
Phone: +7 (86350) 55757, 55711
Fax: +7 (86350) 55710
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Head of the company:
Gogulin Vaycheslav Vasilevich

Last modified: 2007-04-24

Advertiser of Maritime Market magazine in issues: 21

Main activities:

Х Shipbuilding (all types of ships and floating constructions with dock weight up to 3000 tons);

Х Ship repair (all kinds of repair / modernization of ships and floating constructions with dock weight up to 3000 tons);

Х Shipbuilding of the navigation internal and mixed (river-sea) with use of elements of maintained ships.


JSC "SSRZ "Midel", one of the major shipbuildingand ship repair yardsof the Southern region is able to offer its services in shipbuilding, ship repair and refurbishment of all types of vessels and floating structures with a dock weight of up to 3000 tonnes.

The yard`s successful work and accumulated years of experience means we can take pride in our firm.

All kinds of work are undertaken with a guarantee of quality.

We offer the following services:
- a 300G SLIP design with a horizontal hauling area which permits the berthing and simultaneous repair of up to 6 vessel units.

- equipment for sand-blast cleaning the hulls of vessels to class SA2,5 quality (in accordance with the swedish standard).

- vessel painting with control over the thickness of coats applied.

- full installation on vessels of instruments and mechanisms made by leading firms in accordance with all modern international requirements and at a cost significantly lower than in Europe.

- testing and preparation of emergency rescue equipment, breathing apparatus, fire extinguishers and life rafts.

The plant has an international Standartd Certificate ISO 9001:2000 "Compliance with management quality system in respect of the building and repair of ships", and is also certified by the Russian Maritime and River Register.

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Phone: +7 (812) 336 3130, e-mail:

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