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Adriatic Shipyard Bijela
Serbia And Montenegro

Address: Jadransko brodogradiliste Bijela, Boka Kotorska, 85343 Bijela, Crna Gora, Montenegro
Phone: + 382 31 671-080
Fax: + 382 31 671-108
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Head of the company:
Stanko Zlokovic, President of the Board of Directors

Last modified: 2009-02-02

Main activities:

Drydocking repair and conversion of all kinds of vessels up to 120000 DWT.
The Yard is also equipped with the significant capacities and facilities for the building of smaller crafts, such as: various pushers and tugs, pontoons, off-shore platforms, etc. Besides that, there are possibilities of production of: maritime construction steel piles, all types of piping, ranging form 400 mm on, tanks and various steel structures including processing equipment.


Drydocking works:
Propellers, shafting lines, tailshafts, sterntubes, rudders, sea valves, sea chests, cathodic protection, tank testing, renewal of hull platings and structures.

Cleaning and painting:
II. D.F.W. jet cleaning, chipping with rotary wire brushes, degreasing with chemicals, gritblasting, gas free, slop removal and disposing off, painting by hand and spraying.

Piping and Fittings:
Renewal of ships steel, galvanized and copper pipes, repair, and renewal of all types of valves and gate valves.

Steel works:
Fairing of platings and steel members on the spot and in workshops, construction and renewal of all hull steel members, welding, weld check (X-Ray, Ultrasonic).
Engine and Equipment Works:
Inspection and repair of marine engines of all international kinds, steam and gas turbines, boilers, separators, compressors, pumps, heat exchangers, condensers, bearing remetalling and renewal.

Deck equipment:
Repair and renewal of parts and testing of cargo handling equipment, cargo booms and renewal of parts.

Renewal of DB floor timbers , bilge covers, dunnages, deck coverings, cargo hold battens and insulation, furniture and floorings.
Electrical works:
Installation of all kinds of ships power equipment, signaling and navigation equipment, telecommunications. Repair of control automatics and protection of all deck, cargo and other gears in engine room. Manufacture of all kinds of ships electrical installations. Electromotor and generator drives repair. Rewinding of D.C. and A.C. electro-motors of all kinds with power up to 150 KW. Assistance at choice of all kinds of ships gears and documentation issuing.

Partners, contracts and works completed:

Selected references of repaired ships at the web-site of the Company from 1998.

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