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Clean Technologies
Russian Federation

Address: 16/2, Metallistov pr.,St. Petersburg 195027, Russia
Phone: +7 (812) 224 4103
Fax: +7 (812) 224 1924
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Last modified: 2006-09-20

Main activities:

The company:
introduces closed recirculation technologies for washing liquid hydrocarbons (petroleum products, fats, oils, lubricants) off surfaces. These technologies serve as the basis for the use of the new generation, O-BIS series detergents, (waste-free, inhibiting, self-cleaning washing agent) produced by the group of the Clean Technologies companies, and local purification works;
produces installations for washing the internal surfaces of tank cars and sets of equipment for washing the external surfaces of tank cars and passenger railway cars, SPUM series stations (versatile mobile washing stations) as well as a broad spectrum of washing equipment to be used during in-depot repair MAP series machines (automated washing machines);
reequips degreasing and washing areas to be switched over to environmentally friendly, resource-saving technologies with multiple use of washing solutions and disposal of washed-off hydrocarbons;
consults and provides services in solving a range of problems connected with cleaning vessels and petroleum waste disposal;
holds patents for detergents and equipment made by the company as well as for closed waste-free cleaning technology.
O-BIS series detergents, SPUM series stations as well as MAP series washing machines have certificates of conformity; the technological cleaning process has an ecological certificate of conformity.
The technology has been voted Russias best ecotechnology in 2001 in the category Resource-Saving Technologies.
O-BIS technical detergents and SPUM series stations have been awarded diplomas of the All-Russian competition 100 Best Products of Russia according to the results of the 100 Best Products of Russia program.
The company has received a Made in Petersburg diploma for high quality indices, the revival and maintenance of the prestige of the Petersburg brand and the title of the competition winner.

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