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Marine Administration of Port Vostochny
Russian Federation

Address: 1, Vnutriportovaya Street, Vrangel-1, Primorskiy region, 692941, Russia
Phone: +7 (4236) 66-03-31
Fax: +7 (4236) 66-02-28
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Last modified: 2003-08-29

Main activities:

Marine Administration of Port Vostochny being the state entity performs its activity aimed at re-serving and increasing federally owned water area and hydroengineering facilities. All marine administrations report directly to the Ministry of Transportation of the Russian Federation.
Port dues, rentals and other incomings form the fund of Marine Administration of Port Vostochny.
The main objects of Marine Administration of Port Vostochny activities are as follows:
- to ensure safe shipping and order at the ports territory and water area;
- to ensure safe operation of its own watefront facilities and installations with the provision of their repair and econstruction to maintain safe condition;
- to develop port infrastructure with new facilities construction;
- to supervise the compliance of laws, regulations and international marine agreements of the Russian Federation;
- to monitor ecological condition of the port area and water area;
- to supervise the maintenance of all navigation facilities on the port area, approach channels and fairways.

Marine Administration of Port Vostochny manages day-to-day operation of 19 berths with total length of 3,5 km and with depth ranging from 6,5 to 16,5 meters, where general, timber and bulk cargoes are handled. Annual throughput capacity of the port is over 18 million tons of cargo.
Berths are leased out to stevedoring companies where the most large-scale company Vostochny Port, JSC amidst rents 10 berths. The Vostochny International Container Service, JSC, the AgroChem-VostokExport, JSC, the Vostochny-Urals Terminal Co.,Ltd, the Maly Port Stevedoring Co., Ltd. rent other berths. All above companies are united by the name of Vostochny Port.
Rent payments and port dues are mainly allocated for the ensuring of safety navigation, repair of berths in service, construction of new berths, dredging and environment protection.
Pilot Service of Marine Administration of Port Vostochny is certified with voluntary certification of pilot organizations system (Portolan System). Pilotage is provided twenty-four hours a day. Pilots of Ma-rine Administration have graduated large-capacity ships simulator operation courses.

Marine Administration of Port Vostochny focuses its attention on environment protection: water area cleaning, supervision of coast line facilities and ships at the port, waste incineration, cooperation with federal environment protection executive branches.
Computer database ECOLOT is installed for monitoring of ecological condition. Marine Administration also operates Asia Pacific Computerized Information System as a part of Tokyo MOU and data transfer to Asia-Pacific Maritime Information & Advisory Services (APMIAS), and the system of monitoring Russian ships in ports of the Russian Federation with the help of SN FSC-RU.
Video monitoring system has been working in Vrangel Bay since 2000. The application of this system allows to effect an integrated control of vessels movements and their mooring irrespective to the place of the berth allocation within the ports water area.
Marine Administration of Port Vostochny is enabled to grant special rates to some shipowners.
Marine Administration of Port Vostochny, being a state structure, ensuring the interests of the Russian Federation aims its work at increase in the Ports output and conciliation of the interests of its partners and investors.

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