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Technomarine, JSC
Russian Federation

Address: 3, Gapsalskaja Str., St.Petersburg 198035, Russia
Phone: + 7 (812) 251 12 57
Fax: + 7 (812) 251 51 19
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Head of the company:
Detinenko S. I.

Last modified: 2007-03-13

Main activities:

"Technomarine" Joint-Stock Company has been working in the engineering, design and manufacturing markets of navigation equipment and devices for maritime and air transport for 55 years.
From 1947 we are the Central design-engineering bureau of Sea Transport Ministry with pilot factory of radio equipment;
From 1966 - the Central Baltic Design Bureau with pilot factory;
From 1993 and to nowadays we are Joint-Stock —ompany "Technomarine".

We specialize in following fields:
- development and production of navigation, non-directional, homing and marker radio beacons for sea-launched and ground-based configurations; special antenna systems intended for installation on high-rise buildings and constructions, on floating beacons, light and ice buoys, lantern towers, in the Arctic regions with dielectric underlying surface etc. Also development and production of flashers and light signalling equipment, automatic radio navigation equipment of various applications, alarm communication equipment, remote control equipment, equipment of alarm, diagnostic and power supply etc.
software protection;
- engineering maintenance and repair of ship`s hulls, devices and systems;
- creation of automation means and diagnostics of technical devices;
manufacture and reconditioning of the diesel spares and mechanical equipment;
- development and manufacture of hydraulic hauling devices for loaders, strops for the palletized cargoes intended for mechanization and technological advancement of cargo handling jobs;
- development of the design plans and specifications for the ship`s re-equipment and backfit;
- development of the carriage project of a large-dimensions, heavy equipment and other unique cargoes;
- development and perfection of ship`s repair technology, technological equipment of ship-repair factories, perfection of foundry.


Nowadays we are ready to offer you products manufactured by our enterprise in the following fields:

Non-Directional Beacon "JANTAR-2M-200" (200 and 400 W)
Homing Beacon "ARM-150M"
Marker Beacon "MRM-97"
Marine Beacon "ALMAZ-M"
Helicopter Homing Beacon "PRIVOD-3"
Umbrella Antenna "AZ-8"
Umbrella Antenna "AZ-20"
T-shaped Antenna
Helipad Antenna System "KOLTSO-2"
Monitoring Antenna "AK-1"
Rod Antenna "PKI-Ў"
Mast Antenna System "ZNAK"
Mobile Transmitting Station "PMS-100 DGPS"
Supply Unit "MP220-750"
Alarm of Battery Discharge "SRB-1"

Flasher "AP-4M"
Flasher "PROBLESK-3" with Lampchanger
Optical Lantern-Flasher "SOPHAL-85"



Offering a wide choice of the equipment and services we`ll help you to find the most rational and favourable solution way of the problems bounded up with radio navigation and radio communication fields. The basic hardware and auxiliary equipment, aerials and feeding devices, power supplies, remote control devices, lightning-discharge protectors etc. will be picked up by our company processed from the customer`s requirements and opportunities. If it is necessary we`ll accept the order on development and manufacturing of the equipment which will be made individually. Our experts will make adjustment and installation of the equipment, will provide warranty and after warranty maintenance, consultations and training of the personnel.
So you receive all from one hands.

Partners, contracts and works completed:

Ministries of Transport, Ministries of Defence of Russian Federation, enterprises of Civil Aviation are the main customers of our equipment. We are export to CIS, India, Germany, Italy, Finland etc. today.

Please contact us if you require further information about press release and advertising publishing on our web site.
Phone: +7 (812) 336 3130, e-mail:

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