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Ludinovoteplovoz, Trade house
Russian Federation

Address: Moscow, Russia
Phone: (095) 945 4880, 945 4006
Fax: (095) 945 1216
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Last modified: 2006-09-20

Main activities:

The history of the works includes 258 years. It was founded in 1745. In 1957 the works starts manufacturing diesel-hydraulic locomotives and gets the name Ludinovo locomotive building works.
During 45 years more than 30 models of shunting and main-line diesel-hydraulic and -electric locomotives, power rating from 750 h. p. to 4165 h. p., service mass from 68 t to 180 t, have been designed. In total more than 15 000 diesel locomotives have been manufactured.
More than 700 locomotives have been exported to France, Korea, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Yugoslavia, Turkey, Mongolia, Cuba.
The main series production includes:
shunting and main-line diesel-hydraulic and diesel-electric locomotives, engine power rating from 599 to 833 kWs for 1000, 1435, 1520, 1668, 1676 mm gauge;
two-drivers cab main-line diesel-hydraulic locomotives, engine power rating 1544 kWs for 1000, 1435, 1520 mm gauge;
rail-maintenance rolling stock: electric power-generating units, rail-oiling machines, rail-cars, diesel-trains for Railway Ministry of Russia and commercial customers;
overhauling and up-dating of diesel-electric shunting locomotives, engine power rating 1470 kWs for 1000, 1435, 1520 mm gauge.

The new designs and projects:
passenger rail car for local traffic service on non-electrified sections of railways, design speed, max. 160 km/h, passenger seats, 120;
main-line diesel-electric locomotive, engine power rating 3063 kWs, completed with General Motor engine;
model TGM1000 shunting diesel-hydraulic locomotive complying with the requirements of UIC. The locomotive design will include modern design solutions and equipment of the leading European companies Caterpillar, Voith, Selectron Systems, Knorr Bremse, Cattron Theimeg;
diesel locomotive TEM6D with electrical transmission for shunting and terminal operation, engine power rating 1103 kWs.

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