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World-Link Communications Inc
United States

Address: 1101 Worcester Road, Framingham, MA 01701 USA
Phone: +1-508-370-7778
Fax: +1-508-370-7791
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Head of the company:
Asad Salameh

Last modified: 2005-08-23

Main activities:

World-Link Communications, an Inmarsat Service Provider offering customized communication services & solutions dedicated solely to ship owners, managers and operators.

Our mission is to bring practical and cost efficient solutions to accommodate the unique communication and IT needs of each individual ship owner and manager. World-Link Communications is in its 15th year of service and currently serves a fleet of more than 600 ocean going vessels.

Delivering an integrated communication solution World-Link Communications is a one stop for all of your communications needs, from air-time to customized cost allocation and billing services. We manage your fleetТs satellite communications, with onboard secure and safe IT environment so that masters and superintendents can concentrate on running their ships.

Our Services Portfolio:

An IT environment for safe and secure communications between the ShipТs onboard network and the office network. A private secure network that delivers encrypted and authenticated connectivity between vessels and shore based intranets.

ShipMail designed and developed by our software engineers; ShipMail works in the background to accelerate all forms of message communications Ц Email, Fax, Telex, and SMS. Delivers shorter connect time by a faster initial connection and end of session disconnects, a proprietary data compression protocols achieving up to 80% compression of both inbound and outbound data, and a full duplex transmission mode - effectively squeezing more data through expensive satellite communications pipelines thus reducing satellite airtime associated costs. ShipMail Connect the first onboard software to deliver cost allocation for both inbound and outbound email.

E-Time: (new)
The first pre-paid service that delivers internet access and email on Inmarsat terminals for Ship to Shore communications. The re-loadable card will allow users to freely access the internet without having to be monitored, controlled or supervised by ship communication staff; crew can send as much email as they desire, download images of their loved ones, and chat on-line.

ShipConnect -Air time services:
World-Link Communications works with multiple land earth stations to best meet the different communication needs of each customer; users are able to select and switch between a number of LESOs. We offer the users choice, reliability, and 24 x 7 support in delivering Inmarsat air time services. Users receive one consolidated invoice from us with all the benefits of World-LinkТs electronic billing, while we take care of settlement with the different providers.

A web based service that allows you to track your vessels 24 X 7. Also; automated vessel position reports can be automatically delivered to predetermined email addresses.

A reliable, easy to understand & affordable crew calling service. Crew calling pins are sent directly to the vessel via encrypted secure e-mail to allow crew members immediate access. Crew members can call any where in the world for $0.99/minute all weekend long.

Customized billing Solutions:
Invoices & billing reports can be customized to suit the unique objective of each customer. Daily and Monthly Analytical reports detailing usage, cost distribution between owner, manager, charter, and crew, and usage graphical comparisons provide you with timely information to predict, control, and budget your communications costs. Our billing services will put you in control while reducing vessel communication cost.


Inmarsat B, Inmarsat Mini-M, Inmarsat C, Inmarsat Fleet 33, Inmarsat Fleet 55, Inmarsat Fleet 77, Iridium.


ShipMail a unified messaging platform delivering internet email, fax, telex, and sms with cost allocation and re-billing from and to the fleet. ShipConnect delivers competitive airtime rates with split billing. ShipPosition a web based asset tracking solution. CrewVoice brings reasonable calling rates to the crew. E-Time pre-paid email for Ship to Shore communications. ShipForms Easy-to-use software that meets U.S. Coast Guard requirements for Arrival and Departure e-submissions.

Partners, contracts and works completed:

France Telecom, Xantic, MVS, Otesat, Beam Communications, Iridium.
Major clients include:
Murmansk Shipping Co.
Janin Kutx & Losos
Luntos Ltd
Polluks Ltd
Federal National Unitary Enterprise

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Phone: +7 (812) 336 3130, e-mail:

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