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Petro Carbo Chem JSC
Russian Federation

Address: 30/1, Spiridonovka str., Moscow 123001 Russia
Phone: +7 (495) 926 5403
Fax: +7 (495) 202 5800
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Last modified: 2006-09-20

Main activities:

PCC Rail S.A. is a group of transport and logistics businesses associated within the German company PCC AG. The main areas of the groups activity include: transport and forwarding, siding services and rolling stock maintenance. We offer comprehensive logistics solutions with regard to rail transport in the Polish and international market. We transport 11 million tonnes of goods annually, mostly solid fuels, chemical products and aggregates. We have 25 electric locomotives, 75 diesel locomotives, 3421 rail wagons and 1070 tankers.
The companys trans-shipment terminals, located in Slawkow (Poland) and Mukachevo (Ukraine), make it possible for us to provide high quality goods forwarding services from CIS to European markets. The geographical location of the trans-shipment bases in Slawkow and Mukachevo offers our customers the possibility to benefit from more effective logistics solutions for transporting materials by rail. The terminal in Slawkow is located at the westernmost point of the Broad Gauge Metallurgy Line (LHS) which makes it possible to transport goods directly from Asia to Europe. This makes it possible for us to transport goods uninterruptedly to the Far East, without the need of transshipment or replacing the running gear. The Slawkow terminal specialises in transhipment of all sorts of goods, including liquid chemicals, fuels and oil derivatives.
The liquid media transshipment terminal in Mukachevo (Klucharky railway station) allows for professional pumping of various products from broad gauge tanks (WNP) into European standard rail tanks and vice versa.
Our experience in rail transport guarantees comprehensive service adapted to the individual needs and requirements of our customers, ensuring full cost optimisation. The companys professional image is completed by a qualified and experienced team of employees.

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