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Address: Konrad Adenauerstrasse 4, 23558 Luebeck, Germany
Phone: +49 451 8085 100
Fax: +49 451 8085 121
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Head of the company:
Rudolf Dietze

Last modified: 2011-02-25

Advertiser of Maritime Market magazine in issues: 29, 31

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Main activities:

VOSTA LMG is a leading engineering and contracting company, serving the worldwide dredging industry. In addition to self-propelled and stationary dredgers, the company also markets various dredge component packages and offers engineering and contracting services.

Operating without an owned shipyard, VOSTA LMG is flexible in her approach; offering services ranging from supplying components packages to project managing the process of building a dredge from start to finish in close cooperation with a partner shipyard anywhere in the world. In addition to engineering and contracting of custom-built and standard dredges, the product range includes cutting-, suction-, discharge-, automation- and coupling systems.


VOSTA LMG is a leading Engineering & Consulting Company, serving the world wide dredging industry with experiences since 1873
VOSTA LMG has the knowledge, the experience and the key products for the dredging industry to meet todays requirements
VOSTA LMG works with partner shipyards around the world to build, modify and upgrade dredges
VOSTA LMG markets key products and dredging systems:
All type of dredging vessels and equipment
Cutting-, Suction-, Discharge-, Automation- and Coupling systems
VOSTA LMG continuously develops these products and applications in close co-operation with the dredging contractors

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