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Erne Sale & Purchase Ltd.
Russian Federation

Address: Suite 2.1, 92 Martinova emb., St. Petersburg, 197110, Russia
Phone: +7 (812) 331 8484
Fax: +7 (812) 331 8484
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Last modified: 2007-08-19

Main activities:

Erne S&P Ltd. are consultant and ship sale broker and concentrated on Sale & Purchase of second-hand vessels.

Our main concern is 2/25 000 toners and sea-river types.

The Company working directly with shipowners and companies who scheduled to buy or sell second-hand vessels.

Our aim is to offer demanded fleet to our customers and to supply the service with augmented product, such as MOA preparation, negotiation on BBHP, ship`s registration advises, legal advises, etc.

We will be happy to have your purchase enquiry and/or list of fleet for sale to seek a reliable candidate matching your requests.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your enquiries:

Mr. Gleb Klimakov - S+P manager, cell. +7 921 906 6465,

Mr. Mike Voronov - S+P manager, cell. +7 921 317 5393,


Erne S&P Ltd. are consultant and ship sale broker and concentrated on Sale & Purchase of second-hand vessels.

Partners, contracts and works completed:

m/v Sea Rey, DWT 1570
m/v Volgobalt-173
m/v Ladoga-1, Ladoga type
m/v Ladoga-9, Ladoga type
m/v Marmara-Don, Volgo-Don type
m/v Umba, Long Volga type
m/v Sogra, Long Volga type
m/v Laura, DWT 2890 German built river-sea type
m/v Volgobalt-116, Volgobalt type
m/v Vyacheslav Shishkov, Morskoy type
m/v Manfred Pauls, Sormovsky type
m/v Volgobalt-150
m/v Twin Volgobalt type
m/v Almako-1, Volgobalt type
m/v Aras-1, Volgobalt type
m/v Aras III, river-sea type
m/v Marvel K, DC SID
m/v Maria I, Volgobalt type
m/v Volgo-Balt 207, Volgobalt type

m/v Sormovsky-111
m/v Ladoga-7, Ladoga type
m/v V. Kojine, Sormovsky type
m/v Volgobalt-122
m/v Eugeny Pylaev, Volgobalt type
m/v Volgobalt-135
m/v Vasileostrovskiy, fishing factory

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Phone: +7 (812) 336 3130, e-mail:

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