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Nordweg, JSC
Russian Federation

Address: 16/2, Dvinskaya str., St.-Petersburg,198035, Russia
Phone: +7 (812) 320-27-71, 320-27-73
Fax: +7 (812) 320 27 70
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Head of the company:
Andrey A. Melnik

Last modified: 2015-03-14

Advertiser of Maritime Market magazine in issues: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

Main activities:

1. Port service: repair while loading unloading operations at the ports of St.-Petersburg and Vyborg.
2. Total hatch covers repair ( watertightness, operating, hydraulic system) in the ports of Russia and Baltic countries. Ultrasonic STD test.
3. Emergency repair.
4. Metalock technology repair.
5. Repair of crankshaft сrankpins and main journals by "In-situ" technology.
6. Repair of Hamworthy KSE Svanehoj cargo pumps of tankers.
7. Official service center of TTS Group` copmanies in St.-Petersburg.


Hull repair.
Mechanisms: Main, Auxiliary, Deck.
Pipes and System. Electrical equipment, automatic systems.
Reconditioning by welding. Welding of non-ferrous metal and cast iron.
In-situ Machining on Diesel Engines.
Repairing of Hamworthy KSE Svanehoj cargo pumps of tankers.

Partners, contracts and works completed:

33 SHIPYARD,Lithuanian shipping company LISCO, Lisco Baltic Service, AQUASHIP, ASK Enterprise, Riga Ship Yard, Baltic Ship Repairers, EURO Ц BALTIC, ERRANTO, NORTH-WEST FLEET, White Sea and Onega Shipping Company, ENNEKS, Marine Supply Ltd., Kanonerskiy Shipyard, N.I.R. Marine Supply Co. Ltd., ORIMI SHIP, Vaara & Partners, INOK N.V., Baltic Marine Corporation, Alstership Hmb.& Co. KG, Kronshtadtskiy Shipment Yard, Genbulkmarine, WARTSILA, Northen Shipping Company, Northen River Shipping Lines, Murmansk Shipping Company, Vizn Fleet, NOVOSHIP , CHESTER SHIPPING LTD/U.K., CHRINAV MANAGEMENT S.A., ENTERPRISES SHIPPING & TRADING, COLUMBIA SHIPMANAGEMENT LTD, INTERORIENT NAVIGATION CO LTD, V Ships, Norbulk Shipping Ltd., Globetech services, WILSON SHIP MANAGEMENT AS, Hamworthy KSE Svanehoj A/S, TTS Ships Equipment GmbH, WSR Rotterdam b.v., Rederij Montalex, HJS, Holy House Shipping, Spliethoff`s Bevrachtingshantoor B.V., York Management, DOCKENDALE SHIPPING CO. Ltd, CMTB Shipmants corporation, Metalock Industrie Service GmbH .

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