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Petro-Frigo, LTD.
Russian Federation

Address: 31/2, Novoizmaylovsky pr., St. Petersburg, Russia
Phone: (812) 374 0375, 375 8368
Fax: (812) 327 0748
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Main activities:

"Petro-Frigo" is at the moment busy with construction of a storehouses center in "Gorelovo" industrial zone, Leningradsky region. The first succession of construction is a low temperature storehouse with capacity of 5000 t, a built-in administration office and entire space of 5200 m2. It is scheduled to come into production in the end of year 2002.
The warehouse is intended for hte storage of deep freeze goods of storage temperature up to -24 —, is divided in four freezing rooms, is supplied with a covered exhibition and is performed as well as the freezing rooms of thermosplat on panels which make it possible to keep the necessary temperature in loading/discharge zone and the zone of goods processing.
The storehouse is performed with the help of the most up-to-day construction technologies Finnish and French companies supply the warehouse with high-quality equipment and construction materials. The company also makes use of the experience of the leading construction companies of this field from Holland, Finland and France. The storehouse has also at it-s disposal an incoming goods control laboratory, which is supplied with all necessary equipment, up-to-day scale and stewedore systems, well-thought logistics.
These facts depict the storehouse as a unique one for our region. The company is ready to offer her partners the whole range of high level storage services.
"Petro-Frigo" has also the license for the construction works and carrying out the functions of a prime contractor and customer-developer and is ready to offer his clients the whole range of construction and installation works, starting from the project stage and up to the putting the object in operating. The company well realizes which points serve nowadays as the most important for a client v price, quality and terms of construction. "Petro-Frigo" is ready to offer all this to his customers. The company has also the customs broker license and renders customs clearance services.

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