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Russian Federation

Address: 118, Moskovskiy pr. St-Petersburg, Russia, 196084
Phone: +7 (812) 718 6181
Fax: +7 (812) 718 6130
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Head of the company:

Last modified: 2006-04-12

Main activities:

Development and design of complex information systems; corporate network decisions; research activity; manufactures computers; heavy-duty computers with high moisture, dust and vibro-resistance and computers with increased data security.
EURECA has a full package of licenses:
- manufactures computers, heavy-duty computers
- all kinds of works with using the data making the state secret
- activity in the field of protection of the information
- IT education and others


Production of servers and computers.
The companys own production facilities in industrial conditions, unique means for testing net and computer equipment allow the company to come up with top quality hardware. EURECA has patented its own quality assurance system, its laboratory specialists are constantly testing the new components, choosing the best available and finding the most efficient configurations.
EURECA Company owns the only Russian server testing facility, comprising 48 Pentium computers and allowing to imitate server work-load in networks of more than 500 computers. There are only two similar testing facilities in Europe now.
The company also manufactures heavy-duty computers with high moisture, dust and vibro-resistance and computers with increased data security.
All computing devices undergo 72-hours technological testing.


- development and introduction of complex automation systems of the enterprises and organizations,
- complex decisions regarding design, implementation and fine tuning of networks,
- development and supplies of controllers for technological equipment,
- complex systems of output, processing and storage of large volumes of information,
- development and supplies of multimedia systems (including digital television, video-on-order, live video, videoconference,
- Supplies of hybrid TeraSafeTM Servers of the companys own devise and produce, allowing enhancing reliability and reducing the cost of storage of large and super- large volumes of information.

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