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The fourth ship project RSD 19 was launched at Volgograd Shipyard

Volgograd, March, 25, 2007. The fourth double-screw dry-cargo vessel DWT 6750 project RSD19, built for Irinvestship Limited (Iran), was launched in March, 22 at Volgograd Shipyard (MNP Group).

The contact for building a series of river-sea-going dry-cargo ships project RSD19 was signed in August, 2005. The lead ship Iran Anzali was handed over to the customer in February, 2007; the second ship - in March, 2007, the third in December, 2007.

The multi-purpose dry-cargo ship has the maximum for the Volga-Don route overall dimensions. The length of the ship is 140 m, width 16.70 m, depth 6 m, deadweight (sea/river) -6,750/4,343 mt, cargo capacity (sea/river) 6,325/4,100 mt. The design was worked out by Maritime Engineering Bureau (Odessa, Ukraine) for class * 2 1 I1 of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and meets all the requirements of international conventions. According to the Bureau classification, the vessel refers to the Volgo-Don max class the higher class for operation in the sea and higher hull strength standard. The vessels are designed for transportation of general and bulk cargo, timber and large-size cargo, 8.5-9-ft international standard containers. The ship is fitted with 4 cargo tanks of total capacity 10,800 cubic m, capacity of ballast tanks is 3,900 cubic m, sea endurance is 4,000 miles, loaded speed is 10.5 knots, the crew is 13/16 people.

Volgograd Shipyard has built over one thousand of tankers, trawler-seiners, crane ships, oil skimmers, hulls of dry-cargo ships and chemical tankers, diving depot ships, floating pumping stations. By the estimate of the British Royal Society of the naval architects dry-cargo ships project 006RSD05, built at the Yard for Palmali Company, are acknowledged the best among the vessels of this class. At present the Yard is engaged in building of a series of four dry-cargo ship project RSD19 for the Iranian company Irinvestship Limited. Recently the Yard has started construction of tankers project 4450 for Svithoid Tankers AB (Sweden). This is the first sea-going ice-reinforced vessel, built in Russia.

hoto provided by Marine Design Bureau (Odessa, Ukraine)


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MNP Group incorporates: Krasnoye Sormovo Shipyard, Volgo-Caspian Design Bureau, as well as Sormovskoye Mashinostroeniye (Nizhniy Novgorod).

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