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Voluntary Cleanup of Megalo Kavouri Beach

On Sunday 5 October, the Womens International Shipping & Trading Association - WISTA Hellas in cooperation with the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association - HELMEPA organized the voluntary cleanup of Megalo Kavouri beach in Vouliagmeni.

Members of WISTA with their friends and family participated in this symbolic effort. Moreover, following the initiative of a WISTA member, I.B. students from Kostea-Geitonas School also took part in the cleanup. Representatives from the Hellenic Divers Association were also present but unfortunately due to bad weather conditions were not able to realize the underwater cleanup they had scheduled.

It is notable that even though the same beach was cleaned up only two weeks ago, on the International Coastal Cleanup Day, all types of garbage made their presence clear as the participants filled up more than 50 large bags in less than 2 hours.

What made a big impression on the volunteers was the vast concentration of microscopic debris during a period where the beaches are clear from any activity. According to a recent research of the United Nations Environment Program UNEP, 8,000,000 items of marine litter have been estimated to enter the seas and oceans every day These items are mainly made of plastic and take up to 450 years to dissolve at sea, during this procedure they break down in millions of tiny pieces which assisted by the wind, the waves and the ocean currents wash ashore on beaches and coasts. Even though they seem quite insignificant they consist the most dangerous kind of debris as due to their size they easily become food for marine species and accumulate in their vital organs with lethal consequences.

Lets not forget that the seas and oceans of our planet are the common heritage of the human species By changing our bad habits and participating actively in voluntary beach cleanups we can all contribute to the protection of the marine environment!


Please see HELMEPA (Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association) company electronic office

Costas Triantafillou, Project Manager
(+30) 210 934 3088

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