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Chemical tanker project 4450 was launched at Volgograd Shipyard

Volgograd, October, 13, 2008. Chemical tanker project 4450 was launched at Volgograd Shipyard, MNP Group on Saturday, October, 11.

Design parameters of the tanker: deadweight is 4,500 mt, maximum length 91.95 m, breadth 16 m, depth 7.8 m, draught 5.7 m. A single-screw ship with an adjustable pitch propeller is fitted with 14 cargo tanks (including two slop-tanks) of total capacity about 5, cub.m. It is capable of carrying up to 14 types of cargoes in a voyage, including crude oil, oil products, vegetable and animal oil and chemical cargoes.

The chemical tankers was built at Volgograd Shipyard as per the design of Volga-Caspian Design Bureau, MNP Group (Nizhniy Novgorod) for class 100A5 E2 ESP NAV-O RSD ERS BWM Chemical Tanker (Type 2)/Oil Tanker Environmental Passport MC E2 AUT INERT of Germanischer Lloyd (GL).

This is the first sea-going vessel of the reinforced ice class, constructed in Russia. This is a conceptually new design for the Volga-Caspian Design Bureau. Design and construction are carried out under supervision of Germanischer Lloyd, said Vadim Malov, MNP Group, President & CEO.


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MNP Group incorporates: Krasnoye Sormovo Shipyard, Volgo-Caspian Design Bureau, as well as Sormovskoye Mashinostroeniye (Nizhniy Novgorod).

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