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FSUC "ROSMORPORT" carried out next consultation due to design of multifunction 25 MWt power arctic ice-breaker

FSUC "ROSMORPORT" carried out enlarged consultation due design of carried out next consultation due to design of multifunction 25 MWt power arctic ice-breaker at the conference-hall of St. Petersburg Marine port Administration on the January 29, 2009. Director of Vessels' Building and Repairing Department Mr. Vladimir Shtramband was a head of this consultation.
More than 35 leading specialists of ice researches took part in the work out. List of them is as follows: designers, scientists, manufacturers, FSUC "ROSMORPORT" operative stuff (staff that supervised "Moscow" and "St. Petersburg" ice-breakers building; design bureaus that are dealing with vessel's design (DCB "Petrobalt" - the main designer, ILS OY Company, Marine Engineering Bureau); groups of research and scientific organizations that provide scientific support of the project ("Aker Arctic Technology" Finnish ice laboratory, Central Maritime Scientific Research Institute named due academic Krylov, Maritime Scientific Research Institute (CNII MF), Arctic and Antarctic Scientific Research Institute (AANII), St. Petersburg Waterways University), Head office of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, representatives of ice operations headquarters of St. Petersburg Marine port Administration, manufacturers of principal equipment for ice-breaker (Transas, WARTSILA, ABB), DCB "Vympel", others.
Consultation participants were informed about actual positions due to vessel's design by consultation head Mr. Vladimir Shtramband and DCB "Petrobalt" head Mr. Georgiy Taritsa.
Representatives of research organizations told about results of pool tests in "Aker Arctic Technology", Arctic and Antarctic Scientific Research Institute and Central Maritime Scientific Research Institute named due academic Krylov. Prof. Loliy Tsoy (Maritime Scientific Research Institute) put common comments.
Two base variants of vessel's propulsion complex were compared:

  • two side 8.5 MWt rudder propellers and single 8.5 MWt propeller shaft in CL;
&bull single 8.5 MWt rudder propeller in CL and two 8.5 MWt side propeller shafts.
Proper view on of ice pool tests was given. Positive and negative sides of each variant were shown. Recommendations due to upgrading of ice-breaker hull forms were given. It was recommended to continue investigations subject to made proposals.
Results of towage and speed tests carried out by St. Petersburg Waterways University were a motive of active discussion due to criteria of vessel's optimal seakeeping abilities achievement when taking into consideration her multifunction and ice-breakers tasks.
Results of tests carried out in wind tunnel of St. Petersburg Waterways University were also analyzed.
Decisions due to variants of helicopter platform arrangement and construction of superstructure due to possibilities of helicopter take-off and landing without vessel's stopping and due to maximal view field from bridge were accepted.
Proposals of supervision group specialist based on real experience of "Moscow" type ice-breakers building were thoroughly learned.
Representatives of DCB "Petrobalt", ILS OY, Marine Engineering Bureau, Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping, Wartsila, Transas and ABB (20 persons together) have spoken.
Special attention was put towards innovation decisions, actual and perspective IMO requirements fulfillment, improvement of vessel's seakeeping abilities, increasing of ice security of vessel's operation.
Vladimir Shtramband gave instructions to continue investigation of vessel's model designed due to scientific institutes taking in mind vessel's main function. Aim of this investigations is to define optimal combination of propulsion complex and hull forms. This approach was supported by all consultation participants after speeches of Mr. Vsevolod Peresypkin (general director of Maritime Scientific Research Institute) and Mr. Aleksey Sergeev (head of mechanical department of Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping Head Office).
Functional abilities expansion of ice-breakers due to additional equipment arrangement, new technical decisions adoption and giving new features for ice-breakers allows significantly grow their competitiveness and increase demand for this vessels' type during exploitation.
And then, increasing of demand for expansion-abilities ice-breakers will provide them by job. So ice-breakers will became commercial profitable not only for ice conveyance but for some other works as follows:
  • towage of large-scale heavy marine objects;
  • crew members deliverance to rigs;
  • scientific expeditions personal transportation in comfort conditions of living and work onboard vessel; cargoes moving - with usage of helicopters and special equipment;
  • investigation of underwater construction of offshore oil rigs with help of ice-breaker's diving complex and small remote control submarine apparatus (SRSA) from it;
  • cargo transportation on the vessel's deck;
  • cargo handling operations and other works with help of high power crane equipment of ice-breakers (i.g. for preparation and carrying out of underwater pipeline arrangement, during cargoes transportation towards oil rigs, when moving heavy cargoes onto ice and other vessels;
  • underwater works including assistance from high capacity crane equipment, SRSA and diving complex;
  • oil spill combating works with usage of booms and other oil spill equipment owning by vessel;
  • search operations and water depth measuring works with help of side-scan floating sonar device that can be towaged by working boat from ice-breaker.


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