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Big modernization of dry cargo vessel "Pur-Navolok" is completed

On 16.02.2009 Russian Maritime Register of Shipping issued classification documents for mv "Pur-Navolok" (Arkhangelsk is a port of registry) after her significant modernization.
Shipyard "Tosmare" in the port of Liepaja (Latvia) worked out modernization works.
Project was carried out by Marine Engineering Bureau.
After modernization vessel is able to transport general and dry bulk cargoes including timber, grain, large-scale cargoes, ISO type containers, several dangerous cargoes.
Modernization included sides "closing", forecastle height increasing, some hull constructions reinforcement, aft hull forms alternation (transom was "risen" from water). As a result vessel deadweight was changed from initial value of 1490 t up to 2769 t. Also overall strength and local strength of the vessel's hull were increased, sea keeping abilities became better while water restriction due vessel movement was decreased.
Principal particulars of the vessel (overall length of 89.12 m, calculated length of 83.60 m, overall breadth of 12.2 m, breadth of 12.00 m) allow her sailing not only through sea regions of R2-RSN class, but also through Russian inland waterways, including Volgo-Don Way, Volga-Baltic Canal and Belomor-Baltic Canal.
Vessel's deadweight of 2769 t in sea water is reached at draught of 4.10 m.
Vessel's light weight after modernization is of 1060 t.
There is single hold with capacity of 2213 cub.m.
Cargo hold is box-shaped, smooth-wall, convenient for carrying out the freight works and placing a cargo without stowing.
The cargo holds' sizes are of 41.25x9.0x6.24 m which ensure possibility of two tiers of 9' containers arrangement.
Cargo hold is equipped with "Piggy-Back" hatch covers. It s possible to arrange timber caravan with height of 2.3 m or single container tier of maximal height onto hatch covers.
Tank top is able to carry distributed load of 8.0 t per sq.m.
Vessel was ESPECIALLY re-equipped for dangerous goods transportation.
Cargo hold was provided with natural and force ventilations.
Natural ventilation of cargo hold effects through ventilation openings installed on extreme transverse coamings of cargo hold. Four openings 350 x 700 mm are installed onto each coaming above the upper deck (in the zone of open space). Openings are equipped with watertight covers and mesh guards.
Exhaust power ventilation of cargo hold is provided by two electric explosion-proof fans with capacity of 7000 cub.m/h each; that ensures more than 6 air changes per hour. Vertical ventilation canals are constructed along fore and aft hold's bulkheads. These canals are equipped with covers and are able to provide air takeoff at lower or upper parts of the hold.
Upper ends of ventilation canals reach upper deck.
Sides' shell between main and upper decks was mounted during modernization; that formed galleries along sides on the main deck. Ventilation of these galleries is provided by air pipes installed on the upper deck at. Air pipes (of DN 350) are installed at the beginning and end of each gallery at both sides.
Earlier watertight doors were installed on longitudinal coamings of cargo hold (fr.76, StB/PS) on the main deck level for entering the cargo hold (doors were not foreseen at vessel's building). These doors were capped hermetically by WELDING for avoiding of hazard gases entering to galleries from cargo hold.
The ship's fire-fighting equipment for cargo zone includes fire main system and automatic fixed fire alarm system.
The fire-main system includes main pump NSV 63/80A with capacity of 40 cub.m/h and head of 80 m of water installed in ER (fr. 114 PS); auxiliary pump NSV 63/80A with capacity of 40 cub.m/h and head of 80 m of water installed in fore auxiliary room (fr.26 StB); emergency pump with capacity of 40 cub.m/h and head of 80 m of water installed in separate compartment (fr.23-28 StB).
Main and auxiliary pumps are remotely driven from bridge.
Combined hand-operated fire shafts ensure delivery to the locus of a fire both straight and diffused jets. There are 4 fire valves (DN 65) in the cargo are of upper deck. Length of fire hoses is of 20 m.
Bilge wells' construction ensures liquids pumping during dry bulk cargoes transportation.
All exhaust lines of ER are equipped with silencer and spark arrested gauges.
Cargo hold's aft bulkhead is equipped with A-60 class insulation.
Corresponding openings are provided for performance of technological measurement of air content in cargo hold and temperature of cargo.
As the result after modernization Packed dangerous cargoes of classes 1.4S, 2, 3, 4.1, 4.2, 5, 6.1, 8 and 9 are able to transport on upper deck; these dangerous cargoes are to be put out by water (same time only un flam╛mable cargoes are to be within hold).
Packed dangerous cargoes of classes 5.1 (UN No. 1438, 1942, 2067, 1446, 1454, 1469, 1474, 1486, 1498, 1499) and 9 (Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizers UN No. 2071, Asbestos UN No. 2212 ’ 2590) are allowed for stowing in cargo holds.
Dry bulk dangerous cargoes of classes 4.1 (Sulphur Lump UN No. 1350), 4.3 (UN No. 3170, 1395, 1398, 1408, 1435), 5.1 (UN No. 1438, 1942, 2067, 1446, 1454, 1469, 1474, 1486, 1498, 1499), 9 (UN No. 2071), and MHB cargoes are allowed for stowing in cargo holds.
Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping class is of KM L4 R2-RSN (L4 when d ≤ 3,0 m). Registered No. is 896212.
Two medium-speed diesels 6NVDS 48A-2U with capacity of 515 kWt each are chosen as main engines. Vessel's operating speed is of 10.5 kn.
Power plant consists of two diesel-generators (100 kWt each), single diesel-generator (59 kWt) and emergency diesel-generator (59 kWt).
Ballast tanks capacity is of 500 cub.m total. Double sides width is of 1,5 m, double bottom height is of 1.0 m.
Crew consists of 12 persons.
Autonomy is of 10 days.
"Pur-Navolok" (prj. 19620) was built at Rybinsk Shipyard in 1989.


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Marine Engineering Bureau - non-state design and engineering company, recognized by the Russian Maritime Register of shipping, Russian River Register and the Register of Shipping of Ukraine.

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