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VTB Group continues financing to key spheres of Russian economy

April 15, 2009 - In early 2009, in accordance with the instructions from the Russian Government, VTB Group continued to increase the volume of resources channeled into the Russian economy. In March, the Russian banks of VTB Group provided over RUB 140 billion in loans to corporate customers and households.
Vast resources were granted to companies operating in gas complex - over RUB 40 billion, trade companies - over RUB 9 billion, enterprises extracting precious metals and stones - over RUB 7 billion, construction and construction materials industry - over 5 billion, and metallurgical industry - over RUB 4 billion. Federal and municipal authorities enjoyed active financial support, raising over RUB 7.7 billion, while defense and space industries received over RUB 1.8 billion, and agribusiness - over RUB 2 billion. Small- and medium-sized customers were provided with new loans exceeding RUB 9 billion.
VTB Group also continued its socially oriented activity to finance households. In March 2008, individuals raised loans totaling over RUB 29 billion, with mortgage of over RUB 1.8 billion.


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