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Νew Shipboard Placard for the Sewage Treatment System

May 6, 2009 - ΗΕLMEPA produced and provides to its Members with a special Shipboard Placard that contains Guidelines for the operation and maintenance of the Sewage Treatment System.

The proper operation of the sewage treatment system is considered important for the attainment of effluent limits at sea set by the Annex IV of MARPOL.

This Annex was revised in 2004 and entered into force on 1st August 2005 for new ships while it will apply five years later, on 1st August 2010, to the existing ships. It includes Regulations for the treatment and discharge of ship-generated sewage into the sea, the conduct of surveys and the issuing of the International Sewage Pollution Prevention Certificate.

The proper treatment of sewage produced by a vessel ensures that pathogens do not enter into the surface waters that can pose a risk to the marine environment and the public health, prevents the occurrence of eutrofication and reduces the depletion of dissolved oxygen which is vital for the marine life.

The placement of the Placard in the engine room where the sewage treatment is installed and the voluntary implementation of its Guidelines, will support the efforts of HELMEPA Members towards the more effective protection of the marine environment, while at the same time it will be appreciated by the Authorities carrying out inspections in the ports they visit.


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