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Yaroslavl Shipyard laid down keel of the third seagoing diving vessel "Ustyug" of SDS08 project

On 12 March, 2010 Yaroslavl Shipyard (Vladimir Prudius is a general director) laid down keel of the third seagoing diving vessel of SDS08 project.
The vessel's name is "Ustyug". Building No is of 203.
Vessel's ship-owner is Federal Agency of the Maritime and River Transport of RF Ministry of Transport.
Design of SDS08 classification project was carried out by the Marine Engineering Bureau. Working and technologic documentation are developed by the PDB "Petrobalt" (Georgiy Taritsa is a general director).
Seagoing diving vessel of SDS08 project is building for FSUC State Maritime Salvage Department and is assigned for:

  • providing of diving and underwater works on depth till 100 m and at sea state up to force 3;
  • participation in salvage, ship-raising and underwater works in accordance with installed means;
  • inspection of a sea-bottom, sink objects, underwater part of ship's hull and waterside structure's;
  • providing of remote operated deep-water vehicle using at sea state up to force 4;
  • inspection of a sea-bottom, underwater part of ships' hull and rudder propellers of vessels, underwater part of waterside structures and providing underwater works of divers;
  • providing underwater welding on depth till 25 m and underwater cutting on depth till 100 m;
  • lifting from depth till 100 m objects of weight till 2.0 t;
  • soil man and its removal; water pumping from wrecking vessel;
  • pontoons air blow;
  • providing works with help of hydraulic tools; survey and cleaning underwater hull part of vessels, floating and coastal objects.
SDS08 prj. seagoing diving vessel has Ice 2 class, inclined stem and transom aft end, long forecastle, deckhouse located fore. Vessel also has engine room located aft, diesel main engines, two controllable-pitch propellers and bow thruster. Her principal dimensions are as follows:
Length overall - 38.35 m.
Length between perpendiculars - 36.35 m;
Breadth overall - about 7,92 m;
Breadth (due waterline) - 7.70 m;
Design draught - 2.1 m;
Full speed - 11 kn;
Economical speed - 8 kn;
Main engines capacity - 2 x 420 kWt; Autonomy - 5 days.
Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping class is of KM Ice 2 R2 AUT3-C OMBO SDS<100.
Diving equipment consists of:
  • pressure chamber for 4 divers;
  • diving half-cone with control board;
  • diving equipment with SUPERLITE helmet and DESCO ventilate helmet;
  • diving equipment of universal "dry" type;
  • divers' water-heater facilities;
  • communication facilities;
  • underwater illumination facilities;
  • underwater television;
  • underwater welding/cutting;
  • hydraulic tools;
  • pumping facilities;
  • soil man facilities;
  • remote-controlled underwater apparatus;
  • diving ladder.
Keel of the Head vessel of SDS08 project "Stolniy Grad Yaroslavl" (building No is of 201) was laid down on 28 August, 2009. Forming of main hull is finished on this date. Shipyard started satiation works.
Keel of the second vessel in the series "Rostov Velikiy" (building No is of 202) was laid down on 9 March, 2010.
Keel of the third vessel in the series "Ustyug" (building No is of 203) was laid down on 12 March, 2010.


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