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Autoship Systems Corporation Software: The Advanced Approach to Vessel Design

April 26, 2010 - Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC) of Vancouver, Canada is pleased to announce the launch of the next generation of Autoship marine design software.

The flagship surface modeling program, Autoship®, features improved usability and ease-of-use due to a rewrite of the surface-to-surface intersection function, the removal of the need to worry about tolerances plus a host of additions to what the Navigator can do. Many of the user-input dialogues have been streamlined in order to simplify control of the program. The Pro version of the program will allow import of IGES entities 141 and 143, further broadening designers' capabilities.

The stability and strength calculation program, Autohydro®, has increased its scope of abilities to include the latest regulations. These include the new probabilistic damage assessment rules and enhanced handling of free surface effect.

Also, a completely new, configurable report tool is in the works and it will dramatically shorten the time needed to create customized reports. An entirely new Modelmaker® (for model creation and editing), which is built around the latest thinking in user-interface controls is set to be released.

And finally, planning has begun on a closer integration of modeling for Autohydro® from within Autoship®. As vessels become more and more complex, the tools needed to model them need to be more capable.

Realizing the limitations in the models that Modelmaker can be used to construct, attention is turning to the more capable platform - Autoship®.

ASC software is used for design through to construction of all vessel types. Connections with third party software such as piping design and management suites ensure co-ordination of design and maintenance scheduling activities between naval architects, marine engineers, piping system designers and material supply managers.

Autoship Systems Corporation has been in the business of CAD/CAM software development for nearly thirty years. Over the years ASC has been a leader in innovation, ensuring that as the shipbuilding techniques evolved, the industry could rely on ASC CAD/CAM software to meet their new design and construction software needs.

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Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC) is a marine software developer based in Vancouver, Canada. For over 30 years, ASC has been producing first class software design solutions for naval architects and marine engineers around the world. ASC has also been providing world-class load planning systems and loading instruments to the marine shipping industry.

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