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Towing winch for savage vessel (Nevsky Shipbuilding-Ship repair Plant, Russia)

Fluidmecanica has completed the delivery of the first winch of three, for the project MSPV/07. Fluidmecanica supplied the towing equipment and power pack. This winch includes the extra feature of explosion proof safety, up to ATEX zone II.


1. Escort and anchor handling, waterfall configuration Towing Winch

Lower drum:
Pull in                                                75 Tn
Rope capacity (Ø54 mm)                    700 m
Drum belt brake keeping force            210 Tn

Upper drum:
Pull in                                                50 Tn
Rope capacity (Ø54 mm)                   700 m
Drum belt brake keeping force           210 Tn

2. Power pack

The power pack is composed by 3 electric motors and three pumps with auto start safety mode and stored energy for freewheeling on emergency. The total power is 330 kw to drive towing winch and all the deck equipment.

3. Control post

Two control posts. The local control is rated explosion proof. The remote control is intended to be installed on the wheelhouse and include two touch screens for control and readout of parameter like pull, pressure, and escort operation mode.


Multipurpose salvage vessel with a high ice class of RMRS:  ћ Arc 5

Length overall (appr.) ................................73,0 m.
Breadth on DWL  ......................................15,5 m.
Draft, max. ..............................................5,1 m.
Deadweight at maximum draft (appr.)..........1171 t.
Maximum capacity (not less)................... 2x2000  W.
Economical speed (not less)........................10,0 knots  

The multipurpose rescue vessels will perform the following tasks:

  • stand by, rescue operation in areas of shipping, fishing, sea oil and gas fields;
  • providing technical support and assistance in dangerous for shipping, sea foods production areas, servicing of transport operations in ports;
  • search of and assistance to vessel is in distress;
  • search, rescue, evacuation and placing of people, providing first aid to injured persons;
  • refloat from ground and reef damaged vessels, pumping out water from flooded compartments;
  • towing service of damaged vessels and objects to shelter area, and also providing sea towing of vessels, floating objects and constructions in ice conditions and at open water;
  • providing assistance to vessels and rescue operations in ice conditions and at open water;
  • providing assistance at fire fighting at floating and coastal objects accessible from sea;
  • supply and logistic support, including performing underwater engineering operations with divers at depth up to 60 m; and also deep-sea diving operations at depth to 300 m;
  • firefighting of burning fuel on water, oil spills response service emergency oil and oil product spill;
  • survey and cleaning underwater hull of vessels, floating and coastal objects;
  • inspection of a sea-bottom and damaged objects on depths down to 1000 m.
The vessels are intended for the port of Murmansk and for the port of St.-Petersburg.


For information:
LLC « Nevsky Shipbuilding-Ship repair Plant », subsidiary company of JSC «North-Western Shipping Company»,
which is a part of transport holding «Universal Cargo Logistics Holding»,  is located 40 km away from Saint-Petersburg in the town of Schliesselburg.


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