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Kelvin Hughes and Seagull join forces on ECDIS training

June 8, 2011 - Kelvin Hughes announced today that an agreement has been signed with Seagull to develop a product-specific computer-based training module for its MantaDigital ECDIS range.

As part of its ECDISplus package which includes equipment, data, updates and training, Kelvin Hughes will be offering an equipment-specific Computer Based Training (CBT) package designed to meet the Flag state requirements for on-board training on its MantaDigital range of products.

Approved by a number of Flag States, Seagull's existing ECDIS onboard training course includes training in the use of all aspects of ECDIS including chart projections, chart accuracy, chart types, chart datum, updates, sensors and alarm strategies. The display of radar and ARPA information on the ECDIS, and route planning is also covered.

Under the agreement, Seagull will design the package to be included in the Seagull library of CBT-modules as ‘Product Specific Training' to meet latest revisions to STCW, extending Seagull's existing CBT-based training.

Spike Hughes, Commercial Marine Systems Director at Kelvin Hughes said "the most practical solution to meeting the large type-specific training requirement is to institute an on-board approach. Using this method initial training and refresher courses can be undertaken without large costs and disruptions to the fleet operators. Crews changing ships can rapidly assimilate themselves in the operation of the ECDIS on the vessel they are joining, ensuring that they operate it both efficiently and safely. Incorporation of this functionality into ECDISplus further enhances the package and our aim of making ECDIS adoption easy for our customers."

Seagull Managing Director Roger Ringstad said that the need for product-specific ECDIS training was becoming clear. "Used by qualified navigators these systems increase the safety of navigation. However in the hands of unqualified operators they may contribute to misunderstandings and even accidents. Understanding the philosophy, limitations and features of ECDIS is a must."

"ECDIS onboard training was both effective and cost saving", he said, "since the seafarer was already in situ and did not incur any travel or accommodation expenses. At the same time the candidate would be trained in the use of the specific ECDIS system and equipment configuration onboard.

Shore-based ECDIS facilities can hardly offer the type of product-specific training that key Flag States are increasingly seeking, because there are too many different ECDIS makers and an unlimited number of software versions and system configurations. ECDIS training has reached a crossroads and ship owners need to be ready for compulsory ECDIS. We are preparing to take our generic ECDIS training package forward so that it can be product-specific, in order to speed up the ability of ship owners to meet what will become statutory obligations."

Seagull has more than 7,000+ vessels under subscription. Henceforward, the MantaDigital CBT module will be available as part of software released by Seagull, as well as being physically delivered and supported technically by Seagull.

Mr. Ringstad said: "This course is the same as the generic onboard ECDIS course from Seagull, but it has been amended with an Applications Trainer for the MantaDigital ECDIS, which will have the same assessment mechanism built in as the standard Seagull CBT modules, while the workbook will be the same as for the standard ECDIS course."

The training system, which will be available via an annual subscription per ship and be upgraded for as long as the subscription is held, will be based on self-tuition by navigating officers while onboard under supervision by the ship's Master or an approved assessor and supported by an ECDIS Onboard Workbook.

The ship's Master or the approved assessor will confirm that the candidate has performed satisfactorily, endorse the course training records and send them to the Seagull Training Centre for assessment.

There, an instructor will verify that a complete set of documents has been received and that all training records and written responses to the workbook meet the required minimum standard, on completion of which the instructor will issue and submit to the vessel a course certificate.


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